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Puma Muse Echo Satin Sneakers Review

Puma Muse Echo Satin Sneakers Review

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Puma Muse Echo Satin Sneakers Review
Puma Muse Echo Satin Sneakers Review
Contrary to popular belief, sports and sophistication need not be exclusionary from each other. As proven by Puma’s Muse Echo Satin sneakers, sportswear has become a new and exciting space for brands to experiment with the idea that athleticism can be as elegant as haute couture. And with more and more women being pushed to the forefront of a variety of sports, it’s more than likely that the retail business will see more of the Muse Echo Satin kind, but what a magnificent shoe to start with.
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Sports are not entirely masculine as what many people might think. In fact, a lot of beloved sports require grace and agility, two arguably feminine qualities in order to succeed in the game. As women are now slowly but surely taking over the sports world, the high fashion luxury business is proving that femininity can still have a hand in the game. A lot of what the most prominent sportswear brands are offering are exclusive lines for women, and one of the most beautiful is Puma’s Muse Echo sneakers in luxurious satin.

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Release date: Early 2018
Prices: $130 (Retail price) $79.99 (Sale price)

The Muse Echo Satin sneakers are some of the recent hits to come from the acclaimed German sportswear brand. Released earlier this year, just in time for the spring/summer 2018 season, the shoes garnered a lot of buzz, particularly on how feminine and luxurious they look. With the help of supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne, the shoes gained even more massive attention. At a normal retail price, the shoes cost $130, but a marked-down sale price will have it at only $79.99.


Inspired by the New York City Ballet and its dainty satin slippers, Puma’s Muse Echo Satin sneakers are some of the world’s most sophisticated shoes of their kind. Quite rarely does one see such refinement in sneaker culture, even though it’s become a hot high fashion trend nowadays. The combination of the satin upper with the embossed leather cage makes it even edgier than simply classic. Its two exclusive colorways, namely blush pink and midnight black, evoke the elegant and refined spirit upon which the shoes’ inspiration is known for.


Satin may be one of the most beautiful textiles to wear, but it’s also one of the most precious. This makes for a concerning detail for Puma’s Muse Echo satin sneakers. With such a shoe, the pair is vulnerable to dirt and stains, and can possibly be difficult to wash and maintain. Although the shoe itself is quite durable, the satin upper is also open to damage, especially during strenuous sports activities. It may be best to wear this pair more so as a fashion statement than a functioning sports shoe.

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