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Prestige Time 2019 Review

PrestigeTime home page screenshot on April 16, 2019

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Prestige Time 2019 Review
PrestigeTime definitely earned its place among the top-rated online shopping site for luxury watches. This distinction is mainly due to their offers of unique and quality timepieces for men and women at discounted prices, which is a big plus to its customer base. The website also have expanded to watch trading and selling pre-owned timepieces, giving its audience the best watch options not only design-wise, but budget-wise.
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Offers both new and pre-owned timepieces
Wide selection of watches, including vintage and limited-edition models
Fast delivery for items in stock
Great customer support
Some items offered are cheaper in other websites

PrestigeTime is known to have 100% authentic timepieces, as they stand by their principle of no replicas, no fakes, and no altered/removed serial numbers. So we know that every item they ship are fully authentic and has their serial numbers intact. For new items, not all items in the website are in stock, which means for some designs and models, shoppers might wait longer before they can get a hold of the product. However, the website’s customer support keeps the buyer informed of the status of their order. For the pre-owned watches, all of them are in stock, hence, PrestigeTime is able to ship them out within 1-2 business days. Such upfront details and coordination with their buyers makes PrestigeTime one of the best when it comes to customer support. That, plus their awesome collection of covetable timepieces sure makes them a remarkable watch shopping site that every watch lover would be pleased with.

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Introduction to

Want a well-made, exquisite watch right on your wrist but don’t want to break the bank? Well, thank the heavens for the existence of is your online destination for luxury watches, brand new and otherwise, at really great prices. A New York-based company, it first went live in 1999, when online retailers were just beginning to populate the Internet, which makes among the first to market to watch enthusiasts with prices slashed down. Since then it has generated buzz and a good reputation to come with it, leaving little doubt that what you get is really that good a deal. And in a world where most customers do searching before checking out, a little Googling would reveal great reviews that would support the site’s claim. Today, it claims to be the most trusted online store selling discounted timepieces, and honestly, the number of contenders would be very few.

New and unworn watches without the hefty price tag

There are a few reasons for a retailer to let go of a branded watch, including a model not selling as much or as fast as anticipated. Where do these unsold luxuries go to? Onto the laps of shops like, that’s where.

The new watches you’ll see on the site came from authorized deals locally and internationally, third party dealers, and authorized agents, so you can trust that they are the real deal. As to why they’re discounted, it is because usually manufacturers only ask that the full price be sold at a storefront setting. Once they reach, they’re no longer governed by the request.

Also, the warranty the site offers is not a factory warranty, only that of PrestigeTime’s although the duration is usually similar to what the manufacturer offers. As for what the warranty covers, it is detailed on each item’s page, although usually, offers it for battery replacement and manufacturing defects.

For all these good conditions, there’s a single catch: some of the items are not available for immediate shipping. A couple still has to be ordered, although the time it will take is not that long, usually just a few weeks. In case there are other concerns, such as the item having to be special or back ordered, the site will duly notify you. If you’re pressed for time, the site advises that you contact them so the availability could be confirmed and you can make a better decision. But for everything else, the items can be delivered to you within the same or the next business day.

Wear the charm of pre-loved and vintage timepieces

As the old adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If what you’re after is something previously owned but still is valuable, then you’re in luck. The growth of the site have opened doors for trades and pre-owned watches.

We know that one should always approach shopping for vintage items with caution, and the site encourages this. always makes it a point to describe the condition of the item accurately. The pictures on the website are also hosted in high resolution, so you could inspect the watch even more.

To ensure that it’s selling authentic and still valuable items, conducts accuracy and water resistance tests. It also delivers the item in a thoroughly cleaned case, and unlike with new watches, can ship it out on the same or the next business day. As for warranty, the duration varies from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the item.

Satisfying shopping experience is the goal

You already know you can shop for gems here, but the site is neat and organized into categories so you can easily browse through the items that fit your preferences. You can filter searches into brands, price, and movement. If you want to limit it even more, you can easily pick advanced search to do so.

Looking to sell or trade an item? The option to do so is readily viewable on the site too.

Bending over backwards for the customer

Besides keeping everything intact on the watch so you can rest easy about your purchase’s authenticity, is willing to even do more for a customer. For instance, if you need to go its physical office, you can do so. All you have to do is to arrange an appointment with the company.

Even though the site’s scope is already extensive, the company is open to the possibility of missing a brand on the site. If so, you can submit a request and the site will source it for you and offer it with a great deal.


Sometimes, getting a watch that costs less than the original price or is an older model can be a greater investment for a watch connoisseur. is a site for such a person, as everything is real and authentic, and all the review sites are saying so. From Audemars Piguet to Vacheron Constantin, there’s something here that a watch lover would love to have.

PrestigeTime catalog page screenshot on April 16, 2019 PrestigeTime product page screenshot on April 16, 2019

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