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Pré de Provence Shaving Soap Review

Pré de Provence Shaving Soap

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Pré de Provence Shaving Soap Review
Whilst the Pré de Provence shaving soap easily produced a fluffy lather, it disappointed us to find that it lost most of its consistency soon after we applied it. This soap still managed to provide some lubrication, but it wasn’t thick enough to sustain several passes. If we wanted to continue, we had to reload the brush after every pass, which was very time consuming. We also found the product to be quite drying and that it made the razor skip every now and then, requiring us to go over an area multiple times, causing further irritation. Ultimately, this shaving soap does the job and you can get a fine shave with a bit of practice, but there are many other shaving soaps out there that can help you achieve results with a lot more ease.
Value for Money
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Quickly forms a lather
Smells fresh
Doesn't retain any thickness after application
Requires constant reapplication
Makes the razor skip every now and then

We thought the fluffy peaks of the Pré de Provence Shaving Soap would provide us with a close and easy shave, but we were never really able to get the creamy and luxurious consistency that could easily be attained with other products. And even with its combination of Shea Butter, Palm Oil and Palm Kernal Oil as natural moisturizers, the product still felt drying after each application. With that, this product is not suitable for those with dry skin. It does have a nice, fresh scent though, but it is not specified what the exact fragrance is and it may be a bit irritating to some.

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