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Pré de Provence After Shave Balm Review

Pré de Provence After Shave Balm

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Pré de Provence After Shave Balm Review
For fans of the L’Occitane After Shave Balm, the Pré de Provence After Shave Balm makes for a great dupe at a fraction of the price. We find this product to be very soothing, cooling, and refreshing when applied after shaving. It has a great consistency and quickly absorbs into the skin without the burning sensation, which makes it a great alternative to harsher after shaves. We wish the fragrance wasn’t too strong though. Whilst we can imagine other people liking, we didn’t really enjoy it even if it didn’t last very long after application. The packaging is also quite cheap looking, so you can really see what a difference it is from the L’Occitane After Shave. Overall, we think this is a great find if the scent’s something you find pleasant.
Value for Money
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A cheaper alternative to the L'Occitane After Shave Balm
Suitable for sensitive skin
Absorbs into the skin easily
Soothes skin irritation caused by shaving
Cheap packaging
Strong fragrance

Pré de Provence Aftershave Balm soothes skin irritation that was caused by shaving, soaps, and detergents with the help of Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Alpha Bisabolol, and Allantoin. This product also contains fragrance. We reckon this product is suitable for those with sensitive skin and that it makes for a great cheaper alternative for the L’Occitane After Shave Balm, minus the smell.

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