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Prada Cloudbust Sneakers Review

Prada Cloudbust Sneakers Review

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Prada Cloudbust Sneakers Review
Prada Cloudbust Sneakers Review
When talking about unusual, unconventional, and sometimes even uncomfortable fashions, Prada (almost) always wins by a landslide. The fashion house and the namesake designer in charge have always been a leader in the industry since the 1980’s, and their new Cloudburst sneakers prove that they’re still capable of surprises. With an animated approach to sneaker culture, Prada incorporated the house’s signature quirky sense of beauty and design into the pragmatic arena of sneakers.
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If there’s one brand out of the entire luxury retail business that knows how to twist and turn the concept of beauty and its standards, it’s Italian fashion house, Prada. Since Miuccia Prada became the head of the label’s design department, her creative genius helped the brand flourish and reach new heights. The house’s signature style became unconventional, treating what is normally bad taste into beautiful and expensive taste. Even today, a lot of the brand’s newest items showcase their identifiable “ugly-pretty” aesthetic, like their new Cloudbust sneakers.

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Release Year: Spring 2018

Prada’s Cloudbust has been named the first “It Shoes” of 2018 by numerous prominent fashion critics and publications. This was all the more proven through social media, as the pair has become one of the most photographed shoes of the year so far. It was first introduced during Milan’s Spring 2018 Menswear Fashion Week, and since then, became a retail phenomenon. At $695, anyone can buy themselves a pair at any Prada store worldwide or through various online retail platforms.


Prada always makes interesting items, and their new Cloudbust sneakers are no exception. Taking inspiration from virtual reality and video games, the Italian fashion brand offered a pair that will make Marty McFly green with envy. This interplay of various materials, such as neoprene and high-quality leather, combines playfulness with refinement in unique harmony that only Prada can achieve. Pops of color also makes any pair eye-catching, especially since Prada’s hues are usually bright, vivid, and unlike anyone has ever seen before.


Prada’s intentional incorporation of “ugly” into their high fashion pieces make for polarizing retail items, which includes the Cloudburst sneakers as well. Although eye-catching, the pair is quite cartoon-like in its bulky silhouette and unusual mix of colors and textiles. Some might even regard these as borderline costume footwear, far from the practical world of sneaker culture. It’s possible that the hype surrounding it might simply be due to the name of the label and not necessarily because of the products themselves.

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