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Poppin’ Hermès Carré Club Visits New York and More

Poppin’ Hermès Carré Club Visits New York and More

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A scarf is a versatile accessory—it may take some imagination, but it can work with almost anything. It can be a source of warmth, a shield from the sun, something to keep hair in place, or a wrap for a bag handle, among others. The possibilities are endless, and this fact can transform the scarf into something fun.

The Hermès scarf, which is arguably the most luxurious of scarves, is not often thought as such. Its exclusivity may be a factor, and so does its reputation for being preferred accessories for older generations. But luxury does not have to preclude fun, does it? The folks over at Hermès thought the same, hence its creation of the Hermès Carré Club.

A digestible peek into a lively community

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Poppin’ Hermès Carré Club Visits New York and More 2

The club is an attempt by the French luxury house to show the fun side of its scarves, as well as to introduce the iconic accessory to younger generations. To achieve this, the club was put together to resemble a creative studio, albeit with boheme aesthetics. The destination is instantly appealing to those who appreciate Instagram-worthy interiors and are eager to share them online (read: new and young consumers). The activities make paying a visit enticing too, all the while serving the purpose of showing that there is more to the scarf—or the carré, as the French call them—than just being a symbol of luxury.

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The scarves take center stage in each section of the club, but they are presented in different ways. Hermès plays at its status as a high fashion maison by giving visitors a club membership card and letting them have their very own portrait at the Carre? Click and Check. Want to sit and sip a hot drink while being enjoying a live performance? Head over to the Carre? Café and be seated on tables that borrow the designs from scarves. Can’t get the song you’ve heard at the café earlier? You can sing to your heart’s content at the Carre-Ok, which, we admit, is witty wordplay. A phone booth, which might as well be a relic, sits on the boutique. Picking up the phone will make you privy to Hermes secrets and stories.

Hermes takes a chance to connect through the Carre Studio, where members witness the creative process or hear about them firsthand from the artists. Through the sessions, Hermes wants to impress upon visitors that the scarves are of current times, with designs inspired by the world today and done by artists who, more or less, see it in the same way they do—the age range for the artists fall between 28 and 50. With better appreciation of the carre, Hermes then takes the member into the Carrémania pop-up boutique. And this is not designed to be like any other Hermes store or retailer—exclusive scarves are made available here for purchase.

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Where to find it

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The Hermès Carré Club’s first exhibit was in New York, staying at the 459 W 14th Street and was open for nine hours each day, starting at 11 in the morning. Unfortunately though, the run in the city has already ended on September 16. The club will then set out for four other destinations. Toronto will be the host in September, Singapore for October, and both Milan and Los Angeles for the month of November. The particulars are yet to be announced, however.

Image credits: Hermes/BFA, Zach Hilty/BFA


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