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Pohadka by Ys-Uzac Review

Pohadka by Ys Uzac Review 1

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Pohadka by Ys-Uzac Review
If you have not dared to try tobacco fragrances before but are keen in testing one, then Pohadka is one of the options for your gateway scent. It allays fears of what the tobacco note may entail, because Pohadka is light in spite of its complex blend. Even when it is subtle and intimate on the skin, there is warmth from the base that makes it nice to wear in cold spaces, as what your office may be, and on chilly nights. Unfortunately, longevity is wanting and the trail is very faint.
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We think this is a light, refreshing tobacco fragrance
There is a peppery element that tames down the tobacco
Warm and intriguing
Wearable, even in the office
Takes some time or a refined nose to appreciate
Very intimate and does not last long on the skin
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Pohadka has been around for quite some time now. Introduced in 2011, it was launched by Ys-Uzac, a niche fragrance company from Switzerland that warns it is not for everyone right from the beginning. The company founder, perfumer Vincent Micotti, is the nose behind the scent. Its notes are listed as blond tobacco, jasmine, immortelle, fresh cut grass, fresh herbs and smoked vanilla.

Pohadka by Ys Uzac Review 2

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