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Pacsun 2019 Review

Pacsun home page screenshot on May 10, 2019

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Pacsun 2019 Review
Trendy, cool, and youthful: Pacsun is all about these things. Meant to provide the latest and hottest trends in summer outfits and swimwears, this online California style shopping site is filled with items that reflect the laid back vibe of the city. They could have been amongst many customers’ favorites, if only they did not have such a terrible customer service. Clients are disappointed in disrespectful customer agents, as well as terribly difficult return process as well as delayed shipping.
Products' Positive Reviews
Customer Support
Range of Products
Shipping Options
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Features hottest and trending items
Options for both men and women are available
Site is easy to navigate
Quite a few instances of delayed order shipping
Customer support is unhelpful and rude sometimes
Return and refunds are hard to process
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Pacsun is a fun and exciting fashion destination for your favorite brands of bikinis and summer outfits, all exuding the modern trendy look. Added to that, it has a wide range of great choices for street wear and sportswear as well, al of which are high-quality goods that make them worth the price you pay. However, some customers are enraged with their horrifying encounter with rude staff of the shop.

Pacsun catalog page screenshot on May 10, 2019 Pacsun product page screenshot on May 10, 2019

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