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Our Legacy Mono Runner Sneakers Review

Our Legacy Mono Runner Sneakers Review

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Our Legacy Mono Runner Sneakers Review
Our Legacy Mono Runner Sneakers Review
When a brand offers something minimal, rest assured it’s going to be of the highest quality. Swedish fashion brand Our Legacy did just that with their Mono Runner sneakers, their first foray into footwear. A pair of multi-fabricated shoes all crafted and constructed to form a simple yet impactful design, the Mono Runner has since become a much-talked-about pair in both sneaker culture and the high fashion world.
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Minimalism seems to always come back in the high fashion sphere. In fact, for a lot of people, the style never really went away. The fashion industry has had a more-love-than-hate relationship with the trend, especially since Phoebe Philo from Celine brought it to greater heights during the early 2010’s. Even when today’s hottest trend is all about maximalism, there are still some brands that prefer to embrace minimalism, such as Our Legacy. In the highly-stylized sneaker culture, the brand’s Mono Runner sneakers stand out because of their simplicity.

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Release Year: 2014
Retail Price: US$435.00

The Mono Runner sneakers are actually the first shoes offered by Our Legacy. Before they were released back in 2014, the Swedish brand focused more on ready-to-wear and even took the menswear market by storm. Since then, Our Legacy has upped their sneaker game by continually releasing new iterations of their classic shoe. Since they’re a luxury brand, the Mono Runner sneakers aren’t cheap, priced at $435 a pair.


One of the most interesting things about the Mono Runner sneakers is the convergence of materials to create the pair. Suede, leather, and mesh are all cut and constructed to make up this one-of-a-kind shoe. And since its simplicity leaves it completely vulnerable to critical eyes, only the finest of such fabrications and the best craftsmanship are used to construct the pair. Although the sneakers have reached their acclaim with only the black and white colorways, a myriad of hues are now offered to further diversify the shoes’ customer range.


Despite its minimalist aesthetic, the design of Our Legacy’s Mono Runner sneakers has been questionable. A lot of people, particularly fashion critics, seem to think of the shoes as belonging to the “Dad” category of sneakers, where the shoes’ obvious ugliness is what actually draws customers to buy them. It’s even been argued that because Our Legacy is such a hip brand, and that Mono Runner shoes adhere to their signature minimalism, that customers may tend to mistake the shoes’ plainness as avant-garde fashion.

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