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Our Favorite Lingerie Shopping Sites - Humble and Rich

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Once upon a time, we never would have imagined to shop brazenly for something so intimate online. The teeny undergarments that you wear, no matter how beautiful and flattering they may be, are so personal that it would be preferable to keep things discreet, even risking not getting the right fit, or missing on a collection that is in line with your wants and personality. And yet, here we are, putting our favorite websites to shop for lingerie into a nifty little list. The horror, right?

Oh shush, of course we’re kidding!

The Internet is actually helpful with finding articles we couldn’t see in stores and boutiques near us. There are less chances for settling, and more choices to browse. Lingerie doesn’t always come in the Victoria’s Secret pieces that winged ladies strut in; there are even more vivacious options, as well as those on the subtle, less loud items on the spectrum. And when the fit of the pieces physically accessible to us are rather unsatisfactory, we can simply turn to the Internet to find just the right size.

We know, we know, it’s easy to get lost in the vast collection that the World Wide Web proffers, so we’ve done half the work for you, compiling the list of lingerie shopping sites to go to. Here are 14 of our top sites for lingeries, catering to every taste, budget and size. Get ready to have the perfect bra, set, go!

  1. Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

We’re starting off the list with Bare Necessities, among the largest retailers of lingeries out there that has a wide range of sizes, which is just perfect if you have trouble finding garments that would hold your breasts and the rest of your torso comfortably. The site also carries a number of brands that have a beautiful selection of underwear, some of which include Wacoal, Calvin Klein, Playtex, Jezebel, Maidenform and Spanx. Founded in 1998, it claims to make the shopping of brassieres easier, unmatched in the sizes that it offers shoppers. The brassieres alone come in bands 28 to 56, and cups from AA to O. If you need help finding the perfect fit, help comes in the form of cheekily named AmBRAssadors that you can chat up or call.

There’s more to Bare Necessities than just women’s undergarment, however. There’s swimwear, sleepwear, activewear, hosiery and shapewear. Women are not the only target customers—Men can also find brands for them on here, including Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren and Armani.

  1. Bluebella


Bluebella is an award-winning website you should know when it comes to shopping for lingerie, especially when you want your underwears’ price to be within reason. Contrary to what others may believe, you don’t have to compromise quality even when you’re on a budget, especially not with Bluebella. Founded by Emily Bendell in 2005, Bluebella aims to produce luxurious nightwear and lingerie that may be slashed off in price but not when feeling the fabric against your skin. Plus Bluebella doesn’t let anyone feel left out; for the big and beautiful ladies out there, Bluebella has a dedicated section that offers bra sizes from DD to G.

What’s more, the site releases four collections per year, featuring the team behind the site’s often exciting and modern take on lingerie. Everything on the site adheres to the company’s stringent standards for quality, so you can feel comfortable in them all day long without worrying that you may wear them out.

  1. Soma


Soma, a lingerie shop founded in 2004 by women for women, promises to always be so much more than just sexy. And by sexy, we think it pertains to the outward sexiness of lingeries that are covered plenty in many forms of media. Women know that we don’t always wear undergarments like we’re putting on a show, right? If you didn’t think so, we can’t blame you. Thankfully, we have sites like Soma to change that perception.

Soma’s selection has a wide array of options that range from sexy to demure. It also comes in different styles, some of which more conservative ladies may prefer even when they come in sizes DD and up. And you’ll be glad to know that even when the company has expanded to 300 physical boutiques worldwide, women are still at the helm of design, because really, who else would know what we ladies need? There are expert stylists both online and off that can listen to your concerns and still find you the right piece without asking you to strip your clothes, making sure that you are comfortable and confident by the end of the day. Comfort and confidence… when it all boils down to it, those are what count for sexiness, don’t you think?

  1. Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue

A favorite even in the UK alone, Boux Avenue is the destination when you need to buy necessary undergarments as well as more alluring options. If you’re imagining brassieres, matching sets, shapewear and basques, all of those are stocked by the shop. Even more impressive are the sizes they’re available in, ranging from 28 to 38 and A to G cups for bras and sizes 6-18 for everything else. When opting for online shopping, customers can avail of free delivery so long as their purchases exceed the £40 minimum, and can feel as luxurious as can be with shipped beautiful boxes in pink, black, and white that also come in lace print tissue paper and is scented. We don’t know about you, but reading that description alone can make us feel a lot more special.

The physical stores are an experience, too. They offer just as much glam with their traditional service, allowing customers to receive bra-fittings free of charge and to check themselves out in a fancy fitting room that comes with an intercom and three light settings. But there’s plenty to do with a fancy box, no?

  1. Yandy


If you’re into trendy pieces, a name you should make a mental note of is definitely Yandy. In Yandy, there are plenty of hip choices that are especially designed to make you feel sexy. The offerings are not actually limited to lingerie, as Yandy also covers swimwear, women’s apparel, and Halloween costumes (you read that right!). The last category is that remarkable that Yandy even debuted its costumes during the New York Fashion Week! Getting back to lingerie, however, you can count on Yandy to give you the sexiest, most fashionable as well as affordable intimates online. You can own up your sex appeal and be as proud and embracing as the ideal Yandy girl, unapologetic of what she wears and how she wears it.

  1. Figleaves


Figleaves is for the woman who is very meticulous when shopping, a good trait not often put into use when we’re uneasily shopping for lingerie in physical stores. Browsing through the website, you can browse through potentially appealing intimates by adjusting the very detailed parameters there are: style, shape, type, size, color, brand and price. And if you’re feeling iffy about sealing the deal online, you can count on its reviews systems to provide unbiased opinions on products you’re eyeing. We’re giving you a heads up though that the site carries multiple brands, as Figleaves have scoured the Internet for the best of them, which include Fantasie, Freya and Seafolly. Figleaves even creates its very own collections, which they’re in a good position to do so because they’re exposed firsthand to the new arrivals everyday and have developed senses in determining what pieces would fit perfectly.

  1. HerRoom

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People often have reservations when shopping online. You don’t have the opportunity to try the product in real time, so how can you be sure that the gamble you’re making by purchasing online is actually worth it? And when it comes to lingerie, it can be particularly tricky. It’s not like department stores’ stocks suffice. Why else would we turn to the Internet, right?

When Tomima Edmark started HerRoom back in 1998, this was a concern that was really bugging her. Her response was for her website to make the process of online shopping as seamless as possible, providing what others at the time did not: accurate descriptions and pictures that allow you to scrutinize everything going on for a piece. It gives you as much detail as possible before you check out your bag, and allows for easy conditions for returns should the item turn out to be less than desirable.

  1. Selfridges Lingerie

Selfridges Lingerie

As far as UK department stores go, Selfridges is at the top of them all when it comes to its supplies of intimates that can be shopped online. The store has over twenty brands on hand, which, yes, we admit is underwhelming compared to the numbers of the shops that have been mentioned so far. But, what it lacks in quantity it makes up for quality, as the British retail giant has another iconic British brand in Agent Provocateur filling its pages, as well as other more affordable options. The site is complete with accessories too, such as straps and shoulder cushions, so you’re all set to click the check out button.

  1. Blushlingerie


Blush has been around since before online retailing became the in thing, and has made the jump online when it saw the potential of reaching more customers virtually. It began as a family brand in 1988, founded by Edward N. Ajmo in Montreal and passed onto offspring Justin and Tiffany. What it offers are undergarments especially suited to the cosmopolite woman and her tastes, fine to the tiniest of details and highlighting curves that make her feel more in touch with her femininity. The releases have been covered extensively by fashion magazines and featured in pop culture. The silky options come in a myriad of styles, from the most conservative to the kinkiest of them all.

  1. Nordstrom Lingerie

Nordstrom Lingerie

In the United States, Nordstrom is your best bet of when it comes to department stores that carry lingerie and also sell them online. It has an impressive stock of intimates, with a section specifically devoted for brassieres sold under $50, as well as lingerie that are divided into mood, price and brand among others. It even has for sale undergarments created specifically for the first wedded night. If you’re at a loss for shopping lingerie, don’t fret. The site has guides in the form of videos that can help you find the best underwear for you.

  1. Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Most of the sites we’ve listed are more grounded and comfortable options compared to Victoria’s Secret’s over the top lingerie, but if you want an alternative that offers just as much wow factor and jaw dropping as the brand, then you might want to check out Hollywood staple Frederick’s. The brand has served sexy right at the destination for the stars. The collections are complete with corsets and sexy lace, even a bridal section, meant to be provocative and naughty. With sizes that go as high as 2X. Its current face, Megan Fox, also has a collection made in collaboration with Frederick’s.

  1. ASOS Lingerie

Asos Lingerie

The brand that has been making its rounds in social media need no introduction, but did you know that you can find lingerie for every budget, style, color, price and size on its website? While the shop has affordable options, including its very own pieces that are pretty neat, the price can go way up with high-end names such as Stella McCartney, Versace and AllSaints. But the main selling point here, really, is that it carries brands local to the UK that can be hard to buy beyond the country. To an Anglophile, that alone can be honey to their ears.

  1. Brayola

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Every woman knows the pain of going through buying underwear. We come in different shapes, sizes and tastes but somehow, most of the time, we’re forced to settle for less than comfortable bras that can even turn out to be the wrong fit eventually. Just makes us look forward to arriving at home when we can finally remove them, doesn’t it? But as experts say, perfectly fitting bras should not make you feel restricted. Enter Brayola. the world’s smartest personal bra shopper, or so it claims.

It works like this: you provide the site with your favorite brand or the style and size of your current cherished bra, run your answer through its database, and come up with personalized recommendations based on what other women with close to the same dimensions as you enjoyed. The site relies heavily on its users, invited to provide an honest opinion of a certain product which is made known to the next person who might take interest on the items. It has partnered with a few reputable brands known for their quality and great fit, which just says that Brayola is just as invested as you in finding the perfect bra. So, yes, it might be the best bra shopper around through which you can find more of the brand you like and even push you to add some more names to your regular rotation.

  1. Amazon Lingerie

Amazon Lingerie

Amazon has yet to fully develop into a full-fledged clothing store, but it made things right in is lingerie game, featuring some of the cheapest undergarments you’ll ever find on the Web. They may border on tacky, but if you have something fancier in mind, Amazon has them too, with pieces even comparable in appeal and quality as Victoria’s Secret. The biggest advantage in shopping with Amazon is its huge selection that comes with a wide range of sizes. While it may be the last option for some, it can be the first for others who want to save time and immediately have a quick look through of the most beautiful and high quality pieces there are, all in one destination.

General opinions regarding online shopping has changed now that it is pretty much the norm, but if you need some convincing, visiting these websites may prove to you that shopping virtually really isn’t that daunting. And yes, that applies even to intimate apparel such as lingerie, which is not only meant to tantalize but also to form part of a woman’s everyday attire. With these sites, you’ll also come to realize that there options that don’t always have to be over the top.

But if you’re still hiding in fear that you will be caught in the act shopping online for lingerie, might we suggest doing so during a private moment in an adequately lit room? That way, you won’t look as suspicious. (we’re kidding…or maybe not) With this newfound knowledge on sites, we wish you nothing more than the perfect fit and a happy experience with online lingerie shopping.

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