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Olivina Men Lip Balm Review

Olivina Men Lip Balm
Olivina Men Lip Balm Review
Olivina Men Lip Balm is a super nourishing and repairing lip care product made entirely from organic ingredients. We love how it moisturized our lips without leaving any sticky or goopy residue. Its flat packaging fits conveniently into any pocket without protruding. The only downside is that the scent is mild to none, which feels rather underwhelming considering there are three flavor variations. For half the price, you can find another lip salve that actually provides the scent advertised whilst delivering the same deeply moisturizing results.
Value for Money
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Moisturizes and repairs lips
Creates a protective barrier against harsh elements
Doesn't leave any weird residue
Flat packaging fits into any pocket
Has mild to no scent
Way overpriced

Olivina Men Lip Balm is a certified organic lip balm packaged with recyclable materials. This product soothes the lips with the use of olive oil for nourishment, castor oil for hydration, and cocoa butter for a lasting protective barrier against harsh elements. As effective as this is, it just isn’t worth buying a flavored lip balm that only ends up being unscented.

Available Flavours:

  1. Bourbon Vanilla
  2. Citrus Ginger
  3. Juniper Mint

Olivina Men Lip Balm 1

Olivina Men Lip Balm 2

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