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Nike Tanjun Review

Nike Tanjun Sneakers Review 6

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Nike Tanjun Sneakers Review 6
Nike Tanjun Review
It is no wonder that the Nike Tanjun reached the top rank of the most popular shoes in the market for consecutive months. True to its name, it does offer simplicity—but a powerful kind. One that adds value to your daily comfort and style. If you don’t mind the resemblance to the Nike Roche, then there is nothing that is going to stop you from getting a Tanjun.
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From home organization tips to heathy lifestyle plans, riding on the simplicity approach (against the notion that the world is getting more complex) has reached and caught up with the sneakers industry. Nike “Tanjun”, inspired by and literally named after the Japanese word for “simplicity,” is your next go-to fuss-free shoes that suit you, whatever your lifestyle is.

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Release Date: December 2015

While Nike has coveted high-end sneakers with hefty price tags, the brand’s most famous shoes which takes the first rank on the United States’ most popular shoes list, is the Nike Tanjun. While it obviously resembles the other widely admired shoes on the block, Nike Roshe Run, the Tanjun offers a straightforward approach to your everyday style and fashion that instantly and effortless elevates your looks and comfort.


If you are in the market for softness and comfort to save your feet from ache, the Nike Tanjun is the way to go. You can go about your business the whole day you’re out without feeling sore—guaranteed. It’s one of the most versatile Nike shoes out there—from running to daily commute, or from casual workday to fun night out, the Tanjun is here to up your game. The secret is in its lightweight design adorned with breathable mesh material that comfortably hugs your feet like a blanket.

Of course, the shoes have your classic Nike branding on the tongue and each of the pair’s sides. It comes in a variety of colors such as white and grey, and black and white, for both men and women. With a price tag of just US$65.00, the Tanjun is an affordable investment that you won’t regret.


For some people, the fact that the Nike Tanjun looks almost as identical as the Roche, except for the diamond pattern on the mesh material, can be a major turn off. While it’s great for everyday use, if you are looking for a more eye-catching and unique shoes investment, then the Tanjun may not be your best bet.

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