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Have you ever compared how much you actually spend on face care with your expenses for body care? Think about it quickly. All the efforts and splurges you make for body care don’t equate to that of your face care, right? Maybe they’re even too far off that you’d think the only important skin on your body is just on your face. And that shouldn’t be the case.

In the spirit of focusing on body-care, we’d love to fill you in on the newest beauty brand that gives attention on it more than your usual favorite labels. Get to know Nécessaire and why it’s the latest talk of the beauty town.


Self-care is Nécessaire

Aptly named Nécessaire, the newest launched beauty brand started with just a few products, yet full of meticulous care for body-care stuff that are often just afterthoughts. Randi Christiansen, an Estée Lauder alum and Nick Axelrod one of the founders of Into the Gloss combined their ideas and expertise to create the label. And at the heart of everything that constitutes the brand launch is the duo’s belief in the necessity for self-care…and that translates to caring for one’s body.


It’s isn’t the kind of body care that’s “popular”—all about fancy body wash and soaps—but the true meaning of care that highlights that it is essential. The pair started drawing up their plans and concept two years ago, and dove in full-time a year later. And it isn’t just the release of collections and products they’re after, but a whole unique wellness idea that’s never seen before in the beauty industry.

The next big thing

Nécessaire launched its introductory collection with the goal of providing the next big thing in body-care. Predictably, the new brand offers both a body wash and a body lotion. But what about these products could actually bring in a new deal to what’s currently in the market? Well, they are clean and active, and their pH have been optimized for the best result for your skin. The active ingredients added in each of their products are at high concentration, not only to make sure they clean you up real good, but so that they’d actually promote good skin health.

The Body Wash ($25)


Buy: $25.00

Nécessaire’s body wash comes in a fragrance-free formula, but you can also purchase it in eucalyptus and sandalwood scents. This wash is filled with nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs, and without the harmful chemicals found in many skincare products today.

The Body Lotion ($25)


Buy: $25.00

This fragrance-free lotion boasts of conditioning peptides that were added into the formula, making it almost like a “multivitamin for the skin”.

But of course, as the brand promised a unique mark on the industry, it surely did not stop with a body wash and a lotion. The final product included in the first collection of Nécessaire…is The Sex Gel.

The Sex Gel ($20)


Buy: $20.00

This water-based gel is a cushiony product that acts as a lubricant for pleasure. It isn’t sticky and it doesn’t stain, while like the wash and lotion, contains only organic ingredients.

Creating a unique mark

The brand is just beginning its whole journey of highlighting skincare from a different perspective. Part of that is the creation of the brand’s “The No List”. This list contains all the unsafe ingredients that the brand vows to never include in their products, including drying alcohols, silicones, parabens, and formal dehyde, among others.


The brand aims to bring the body care field up to the level of skin care, while also expanding how people define body care. So if you’re still scratching your head over the fact that a “Sex Gel” is included in the brand’s collection, well, this is the answer. The lube with aloe vera base seems far from the “innocent” body wash and lotion, but it is still a body care product, albeit more provocative. And to top it all off, Nécessaire is an advocate of a healthy environment too, with a goal to commit to only environmental-friendly practices and seek after sustainability.

You can buy Nécessaire’s products at You can also try all the products at once with the The Starter Kit ($55) or The Collection ($85).

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Image credits: Nécessaire, Unsplash.

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