New “Yoga Skin” Makeup Trend: What Is It and How to Achieve It


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We’ve tagged 2018 as the year of Instagram beauty trends. From jelly nails and monochrome makeup to faux freckles and blurred lips, the IG world has truly been influential in what new trends people try out. For those who missed half of all the trends 2018 has to offer, fret not—2019 is continuing the ‘tradition’ and we’re here to give you all the insider info.

So if you’re on board the beauty trend train, you better start off with the “yoga skin.” The Yoga Skin Trend started in 2018, but it’s gaining more followers and admirers now. You may be confused, but don’t freak out just yet—this doesn’t actually involve doing yoga (phew!). The yoga skin trend is a makeup technique created by Sara Hill, a known makeup artist. She made the whole technique with this goal in mind: to let your skin have that gorgeous and ethereal glow that many get after their yoga sessions—without the exhaustion and sweat, of course.


What Yoga Skin is all about

When Sara Hill tagged #yogaskin to many of her posts, one major thing stood out for everyone: she had that awesome radiant look that indeed seemed to be a glow that comes from within a relaxed, calm, and balanced human being. If you love yoga, you know exactly what we’re talking about and you should experience that glow after every goodbye ‘namaste’ to your yoga instructor. But for those who haven’t even gone to a class, let alone finish all the complex poses, there’s a way you could still get that yoga skin glow.


Sara Hill herself admits that the reason she created the yoga skin technique is to give the skin that look that glows from within. With the yoga skin technique, that natural-looking sheen that comes from a hydrated, healthy, and radiant skin can be achieved in just a few minutes of preparation.

How to achieve the yoga skin

Thanks to a step-by-step tutorial Sara Hill released, everyone (yes, even you!) can get that amazing yoga skin glow without a sweaty yoga session. Here’s how:

Step #1: Skin Prep

This step involves the usual prepping method you do for the skin. First, cleanse the face with your trusty cleanser, apply some toner and moisturize. Make sure these products were all absorbed by the skin before putting on the primer.

Step #2: Cocktailing


Yes, your eyes aren’t tricking you. That’s really ‘cocktailing’. But in this case, it’s with a makeup and skin products that will let you achieve that gorgeous glow. Mix 3-4 pumps of your liquid foundation with a drop of liquid highlighter and a drop of face oil. It might seem a bit much compared to what you’re used to, but don’t skip this part—it’s very crucial in attaining the yoga skin.

Step #3: Application


Sara Hill recommends to do the application with clean hands. Why? Well, while you apply the mixture in your face, you can also de-puff certain areas of your face as you gently massage and get a good circulation all over your face. Do the application one layer at a time, allotting a good amount of time letting each layer sit well first before adding on top of it. Add more mixture into areas that need more layering, like dark spots, around the nose and under the eyes.

Step #4 Finish the look


You can set the makeup look with light powder, but don’t bake! Don’t also use setting sprays, especially when most of them contain alcohol. You can finish your makeup look afterwards as you wish. And the amazing thing about this, is you can do all sorts or looks and they would match the yoga skin greatly—from minimal nude looks, to bold smoky eyes.

Products to use for the Yoga Skin technique



Facial Oil


Liquid Illuminator/Glow Drops


There you have the best ‘recipe’ to attaining the Yoga Skin that everyone’s been eyeing on Insta world! But believe us that this look would be much much better with a well-cared for skin. So make sure to accompany your yoga skin technique with proper skin care regimen!


Image credits: Getty Images, Glow Recipe, L’Oreal Paris, Kayla Ramsey, Gorgeous In Grey, Lancôme.

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