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New Balance 990 Running Shoes Review

New Balance 990 Sneakers Review

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New Balance 990 Sneakers Review
New Balance 990 Running Shoes Review
Today, in the world of high fashion and luxury retail, sneakers are now as equal in prestige and price as the likes of stilettos and leather shoes. Sporty footwear is very much in high demand, even the ones that are re-issued from the past like New Balance’s 990 sneakers. A hybrid of modern engineering and old-school craftsmanship, the reissued 990’s pay respect to the original sneakers by bringing its phenomenal legacy into the 21st century.
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Footwear used to be solely (pardon the pun!) about decorating one’s feet. The highest in quality of materials were molded into works of wearable art by some of the finest craftsmen in the world. Footwear used to be all about the tradition of making the most immaculate of shoes and passing such traditions from generation to the next. But by the 1980’s and 1990’s, when the likes of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods came onto the scene, footwear became as much an engineering endeavor than just an craftsmanship. Within this period, New Balance’s 990 sneakers stole the show.

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The original 990 sneakers were released in the 1980’s but they have since been reissued for new public purchase since April 14, 2018. The American sports luxury label reinvented their classic model to fit today’s standards of modern tastes but still injected the same technology that made the shoes revolutionary during its time. At only $100 a pair, the new 990 sneakers are becoming some of the most sold shoes of 2018.


“On a scale of 1000, this shoe is a 900,” the ad campaign said when the original shoes were first released in the 80’s. In terms of the shoes’ technological advancements, one can say that the slogan is still applicable for the re-issued versions as well. The new 990 running shoes still contain the EVA midsole (all three parts) and the urethane collar that helps the feet breathe a little even while moving. The sneakers are also extremely durable, making it versatile for any athletic endeavor, even for the most exhausting sports.


As far as aesthetics go, New Balance’s 990 is still quite plain. Although the model has seen countless reiterations with various colorways and materials, its silhouettes still appear as bulky now as it did decades ago. Within today’s environment of sleek and sophisticated sneakers, the 990 shoes will pale in comparison. Adding to the bulkiness, the shoes are also said to be quite heavy on the feet, which makes wearing them for any sport or for simply exercising all the more challenging.

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