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New Balance 574v2 Sneakers Review

New Balance 574v2 Sneakers Review

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New Balance 574v2 Sneakers Review
New Balance 574v2 Sneakers Review
Fashion today is all about mixing everything together. Streetwear is now tantamount to haute couture and sneakers are the stars of this revolution. The ones offered today have as much sophistication as the shoes crafted by luxury brands, which further breaks down the barrier between the sportswear market and haute couture. One pair that proves such is New Balance’s 574v2 sneakers. With intricacy in design and craftsmanship, one would think the pair is haute couture itself!
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Whoever said sneakers weren’t sophisticated didn’t know what they were talking about! In this day and age, as the line between streetwear and high fashion continues to blur, more and more sneakers are becoming the hottest items for the elite. These shoes are no longer exclusive to skateboarding sneakerheads and superstar athletes. They’re now part of the high fashion sphere, as several upscale brands put their own refined spins on them. Even footwear brands are stepping up, like New Balance with their 574v2 sneakers.

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Release date: January 2018
Retail Price: $99 (retail price) $69 (marked-down price)

New Balance is known for their attention to detail and accurate approach to sports shoes. Their items are usually as functional as they are fashionable. Just this last January 2018, they reinvented their classic 574 sneakers, crafted with much more sophistication than before. This pair is clearly offered to cater to the refined tastes of the high fashion crowd, who has a newfound love for sneaker culture. At $99 per pair—sometimes even as low as $69—anyone can get a hold of these brand new 574 shoes.


One can easily see, through the fine cuts and craftsmanship that the new 2nd version of New Balance’s 574 sneakers has a delicacy of touch. There was a lot of intricacies that went into making these pieces and they show with how effortlessly elegant the pairs look. Even with the interplay of various premium textiles, the sneakers look as if they all started as one piece already. New Balance ups the ante even more with a variety of colorways—from sweet pastels to somber tones—that will have both the high fashion elites and sneakerheads clamoring for more.


With an almost haute couture-like construction, New Balance’s 574v2 sneakers are extremely refined. Similarly to haute couture as well, the shoes are said to be stiff and rigid. It’s possible that such attention went into perfecting the construction of the pieces that comfort was mildly forgotten. These sneakers have often been criticized as being too tight and many have suggested that it’s wiser to go for half a size bigger when purchasing them.

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New Balance 574v2 Sneakers Review 6Image Credits: GQ (featured image), Sneaker News, Psylocke, Phillyplace, City and State, Kicks On Fire (article images).

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