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NET-A-PORTER 2019 Review

NET-A-PORTER homepage screenshot on March 25, 2019

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NET-A-PORTER 2019 Review
NET-A-PORTER is undoubtedly one ultimate destination for highly sought luxury global brands and designers. It is among the biggest, most luxurious, and most successful luxury shopping sites that cater to millions of shoppers. You’ll find the most coveted brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada, Chloe, Stella Mccartney, Isabel Marant, Prada, and many more exclusive labels and specialist beauty brands among their catalogs.
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Wide selection of luxury designers and brands
Offers newest collections and up-and-coming brands
Quick global delivery with free returns
No category for sale offers
No menswear section (available at The Outnet and Mr Porter)
Countless of complaints that the support crews are rude - Our personal encounter with the support team is terrible too

NET-A-PORTER was launched in 2000 and is currently a part of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP. It offers a wide-range of luxury items from clothing, footwear and bags, to beauty, accessories, and lingerie. It’s has a good grasp of what luxury is, apparent to the curation of offerings it has for its over 6 million monthly audience every single month.

Aside from an extensive list of top luxury fashion designers that make it easy for customers to browse per designer/brand, item categories are available for easier selection of items. NET-A-PORTER also has a new arrival tab that is updated three times a week, ensuring that the site contains the newest and trendiest pieces at any certain point a customer visits.

Shopping with NET-A-PORTER is always seamless, whether you browse its websites, use its shopping apps, or read through the world of PORTER. The website is also highly proud of its worldwide shipping, signature packaging, easy returns, and personal shopping teams. NET-A-PORTER’s worldwide reach, both in the realm of luxury fashion and beauty, extends to a total of 170 countries.  No wonder they are a familiar name in most nation’s fashion capitals–they answer to the luxury needs of a global audience with fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and overall quality service.

However, despite the site’s pride for its services, their Customer Care has constantly fallen short on meeting the needs of the customers. Countless clients have reported experience of rude customer support, slow response, delayed refunds and even lack of concern for missing items.

Save at Net-a-Porter

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How to Use Net-a-Porter Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Net-a-Porter
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you are in the Payment page (also known as the third page), click on “+ Add a gift card of promotion code” under Subtotal as seen in the image below
  4. Enjoy the discount and happy shopping!

How to Use Net-a-Porter Discount Codes

The Birth of Net-a-Porter

Viewing Net-a-Porter app via a tablet

It was the year 2000 when the dotcom era was only beginning. Founder Natalie Massenet, a mother, stylist, and fashion writer for Women’s Wear Daily and Tatler at the time was inspired to start an online business, despite the difficulties that presented. She was told by many not to take an online venture for fear of failure. But she chose to follow what she initially wanted, and with a number of trusted friends, including Anya Hindmarch and Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon backing her ideas, she persevered and started Net-a-Porter. The team started small, with only 15 members under her wing, but launch the website was what she did from her small flat in Chelsea.

The beginning for Massenet and her team proved to be difficult. Back in the early 2000s, designers and investors were less open to nontraditional methods, as they were reluctant to support her site due to the lack of a physical retail store. But when French designer Roland Mouret sold his collection via the website, things began to pick up. So much growth has happened since then that in 2004, the site won Best Fashion Shop at the British Fashion Awards.

The company became profitable and soon even established itself as a luxury brand on its own. Today, the site caters to more than 6 million audiences, with the help of its editorial format, quality merchandise, and an array of high-end designers. In fact, its familiar and stylish black sturdy box, wrapped neatly in grosgrain ribbon, is like an early Christmas gift to its thousands of customers daily, bearing that luxe fashion piece they have waited for patiently.

The Edge

Browsing Net-a-Porter Website

Known for the site’s aesthetics and quality of the products, Net-a-Porter has set a standard that no other retail portals managed to match. 

Many have wondered what the secret ingredient that made Net-a-Porter the big name that it is today – why customers choose it over a multitude of other fashion stores. However, there is no secret to the site’s success, only the very public knowledge that the site has the best choice of the best labels in the world. Needless to say, the fashion pieces available on the site are chosen carefully, and the designer brands, only the cream of the crop.

Its digital magazine format is also among those that sets Net-a-Porter from the rest. The shop is more than just a site – Massenet who dreamed of being an editor-in-chief of a magazine, created a magazine that is apt for the 21st century – an online publication that is a hybrid of an online fashion store and a printed magazine. This made it possible for people everywhere to click on a picture of an item in a magazine format and buy it. Plus, through its weekly digital magazine, The Edit, and Porter Magazine, Net-a-Porter affords every customer around the globe, who owns a smartphone and an access to the internet, with a seamless shopping experience and exclusive launches, and expert style tips.  

The unrivaled customer care of Net-a-Porter is an additional feature of the site. The fact that they deliver directly to where you are is an added bonus everyone welcomed warmly. Plus their multilingual customer care team is available anytime of the day, letting you know that users remain the company’s top priority.

While Net-a-Porter began as an exclusive women’s shop, the company also began to spread its wings and take a risk with its discount site, The Outnet, and the name dedicated to men’s needs, Mr. Porter. The latter was heavily influenced by the original site with its dedicated selection catering to the man of opulent tastes and an editorial content that gives authoritative advice on the ins in menswear. There is also a team focused on publishing Mr. Porter and The Journal, the site’s answer to Net-a-Porter’s The Edit and Porter Magazine..

The Merger

YOOX Group + Net a Porter Group

In 2015, Net-a-Porter joined forces with another European online fashion retailer YOOX, combining their assets that was estimated to be at about $1.4 billion. Together, the companies extended their reach to 180 countries. YOOX’s founder, Federico Marchetti became the CEO of the company which is now styled as YOOX Net-a-Porter Group. Massenet left the group abruptly, which has led to many rumors of what triggered the decision. She thought it would be time to explore other opportunities but also expressed support to Marchetti. Massenet soon joined Farfetch, an online shop that many consider to be Net-a-Porter rival.

Today and Beyond

Although Massenet eventually left Net-a-Porter just before its merger with YOOX, what she has initiated on the World Wide Web and its impact on how we use our devices today cannot be denied. Net-a-Porter, for all its innovations, remains the largest and most profitable of online stores catering to expensive fashion demands. Massenet left knowing that Net-a-Porter is in good hands and will grow even further with a new director at the helm. But we can all thank the now Dame Massenet and everyone at Net-a-Porter for paving the way to having the world of fashion right at our fingertips. 

NET-A-PORTER catalog page screenshot on March 25, 2019

NET-A-PORTER product page screenshot on March 25, 2019

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