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Neroli by Yves Rocher Review

Neroli by Yves Rocher Review 1

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

Neroli by Yves Rocher Review
Neroli may feel brighter than most scents from Yves Rocher’s collection, but that does not mean that it is boring. Quite the opposite, in fact, as we find that the brand went for a route less traveled. Instead of being sweet and fresh as the name would imply, the orange blossom gives it more character and makes the drydown even more satisfying. The bitterness of the scent, while refreshing for us, isn’t for everyone, although it’s bound to contribute to the confidence of its wearer.
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The orange blossom makes the neroli more interesting
We feel that this has the right amount of sweet and bitter
Quality is impressive considering the price
A sexy and confident fragrance
The bitterness keeps it from being shelved as a safe fragrance, and might put off other people
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Neroli is just one of Yves Rocher’s fragrances that fall under the well-received collection Secret d’Essences. Orange blossom is the note that shines here, although it also has essences of petit grain, neroli and musk. Veronique Nyberg created Neroli for Yves Rocher, which in turn launched it in 2013. The fragrance is available in 30 and 50 ml as well as in mini and purse spray.

Neroli by Yves Rocher Review 2

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