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NARS Cosmetics Orgasm Creamy Liquid Blush Review

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

NARS Cosmetics Orgasm Creamy Liquid Blush Review
Product Description
The Liquid Blush is a promising but ultimately disappointing product from NARS Cosmetics. While it does have a lot to formula in its interesting formulation, it’s dragged down by its most damaging faults. The pigmentation is patchy and all over the place, and the product just causes the skin to produce so much oil. We honestly found it quite frustrating to use, and we probably won’t be reaching for it anytime soon.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Easy to blend
Glowy finish
Wears for a long time
Patchy color
Gets very oily

Liquid blushes have become a bigger and bigger trend over the past few years. We’ve had formulations that vary vastly in pigmentation, finish, wear time, and general quality. In their Liquid Blush formula, NARS Cosmetics tries but ultimately fails to create a product that’s reliable, and instead, it feels a little tired and gimmicky.

There are a few good things to consider about this product, though. First, the texture and consistency. The consistency is smack-dab in the middle of creamy and watery, thus the texture of the formula is very soft. This makes extremely workable and blendable, and it’s easy to get it to look just right on the skin. It also has a wonder glowy finish that makes your skin look just slightly luminous without being overwhelmingly so. You also get a good amount of wear time out of this. While it doesn’t quite stain the cheeks the way other liquid blushers do, the true color does stay for a good amount of time.

Now, this product doesn’t have a lot of bad qualities, but the ones it does have really drag it down. Color is one of our main issues with this product. While it does swatch well, once applied to the cheek area, it tends to look a little patchy, even when you try to blend it out. It just leaves your cheeks with a wholly inconsistent tinge of color that you wouldn’t expect from a liquid blush. The formula is also a bit of a bummer because it gets so oily. We’re not even kidding with this one. It may even possibly make oil worse, so that’s something to take note of with this product.

To us, this product is a bit of a disappointment. Its bad qualities just downright make it quite unpleasant to use,

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to dry skin types.

Other Information

  • The NARS Cosmetics Liquid Blush is available in four shades: the brand’s iconic Orgasm, as well as Dolce Vita, Luster, and Torrid.

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