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NARS Cosmetics Afterglow Hydrating Lip Balm Review


NARS Cosmetics Afterglow Hydrating Lip Balm Review
Product Description
In some ways, we were hoping that the NARS Cosmetics Afterglow Lip Balm held a candle to products like the Dior Makeup Addict Lip Glow to the Max, especially because we’d love to see the brand’s iconic Orgasm shade translate into a lip balm formula, but the results were just disappointing. While the color selection for this product is great, and it does give a decent dose of hydration, it just doesn’t do enough to justify its own existence in the first place. There are so many lip balm products out there that do what this one can do much more competently.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Cute packaging
Flattering shade selection
Decent amount of hydration
Slightly shiny finish
Could be more pigmented
Mediocre wear time

NARS Cosmetics has added yet another product to its line of products that carry the brand’s universally flattering flagship shade, Orgasm. While the Afterglow Lip Balm is not only available in that shade, that appears to be one of the major draws of this tinted lip balm in the first place. This is also what piqued our curiosity about this product, and why we decided to pick it up in the first place, so let’s go right ahead, and see what this product has in store for us.

This lovely little lip balm comes in a lovely case with a brushed metallic finish that does a great job of conveying the level of luxury that NARS wants you to be reaching with their products. Besides this, the actual balm comes in two universally flattering shades that restore just the right amount of color to your lips. These lip balms also pack a decent level of hydration. No, they’re not the most hydrating lip products, lip balm or otherwise, but they do provide just enough for your lips to feel refreshed underneath. Probably the most stunning part of this product is the finish. The product goes on just a little bit shimmery, and once it properly dries down, it gets a slightly shiny, slightly glossy finish that looks just the right amount of natural.

We do have some gripes, though, about the way this lip balm performs, and these are pretty major. First of all, the tint of the balm feels very lacking. Mind you, we weren’t expecting this to be delivering full coverage color or anything of the sort, but a little more pigment could magnify the reviving effect of this lip balm in great leaps. Also, these just wear off way too quickly, even when food or drink consumption isn’t in the equation. In some applications, the product was gone in under an hour, which is definitely disappointing because it necessitated having to reapply so, so often.

In our opinion, these major issues of the product really impact the performance and overall reliability of this product significantly—as in, they appreciably lessen our desire to even want to pick up this product, put it on, and carry it around. Honestly, there are just so many luxury lip balms out there that can do the same thing without being so high-maintenance, so we’ll probably be opting to use those over this product.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The NARS Cosmetics Afterglow Lip Balm is available in two shades: the iconic Orgasm (universally flattering peachy pink) and Clean Cut (glossy and clear).

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