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N° 1 by Acqua di Biella Review

No. 1 by Acqua di Biella Review 1

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N° 1 by Acqua di Biella Review
Acqua di Biella N° 1 is perfect for those who like their scents to have quite a history and be of a classy kind. As the very first fragrance for the brand, it is straightforward in its freshness and cleanliness. The jasmine gives it a creamy quality and the musk lends it an extra measure of warmth. This goes without saying, but to us, someone who chooses to wear this should level their expectations: the cologne does not project strongly nor does it stay long on the skin.
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The jasmine accord adds a little creaminess to the scent
Musk provides with much needed warmth
Smells very clean and fresh
We think that this is appealing to those who like their fragrances to have a vintage, classy feel
Does not last long on the skin, very little projection to speak of
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Acqua di Biella N° 1 is a fragrance with a long history. It is the very first scent by Acqua di Biella, introduced in 1871, and was supposedly based on the concoctions made by the local convents in Biella, Italy. The notes are identified as lavender, mint, rosemary, bergamot, jasmine, petitgrain, neroli and musk.

No. 1 by Acqua di Biella Review 2

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