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Mr Porter 2019 Review

Mr Porter home page screenshot on March 29, 2019

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Mr Porter 2019 Review
Mr Porter is a go-to luxury fashion website for stylish men, especially when they’re off to hunt for the best global designer pieces. The expertise of the people behind the website provides the awesome collection of pieces from the best luxury brands, from clothes to shoes, accessories to gifts, and watches to sport essentials. All those items, plus a whole lot of fashion content for men makes this website a true heaven for stylish men.
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Extensive collection of premium designer pieces for men
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A lot of complaints from customers about bad customer service, especially about delays in returning of items

Mr Porter may have been first created as a brother site to Net-A-Porter, but it has established its own name and customer base throughout the years. From 2011, it has been turned into a huge website that offers a luxurious and convenience shopping experience to men right through their computer screens and mobile phones.

The website is stocked with all things modern, on trend and in demand, categorized into neat stacks of item type, style, as well as per brand. This allows Mr Porter’s audience to swiftly go through item to item and not waste so much time looking for the item they want. There isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to quality too, as Mr Porter guarantees that every piece in their selection have the best quality from the most trusted designer brands.

The evolution of Mr Porter has definitely been reflected in their collections, website design and overall approach to fashion. However, it hasn’t been felt in the way they have handled customers’ concerns in an excellent manner. Like its sister website, Net-A-Porter, Mr Porter have received a lot of complaints for bad customer service and a lot of delays in the return of items.

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Introduction to Mr Porter

Mr Porter—if that sounds similar to another established e-tailer, it’s because it is the sister (brother?) of the award-winning Net-a-Porter, which caters to women lovers of luxe goods. If there’s something that would be missing from the latter though, it would be the merchandise marketed for men. Thankfully, the team behind Net-a-Porter didn’t take long to tap the market, and soon enough Mr Porter came to existence.

Originally intended to dress up the man that is in a Ms. Net-a-Porter’s life, Mr Porter has expanded beyond that to make stylish men out of all potential customers. Mr Porter has come to reimagine the way customers shop for highly coveted items by giving advice on how to prioritize style over fashion, offering top notch service, and providing a selection that any man with taste would love to see.

A Little More About the Mister

Mr Porter is an online retailer that is destined to become the ultimate destination for menswear. It is notable with the content it has to offer—there is a team behind the site that curates and edits, and it is an exclusive group with members that are worldly and have great sense of style. Hence, the air of authority that the site has when it comes to what men should wear. Its publications are also highly anticipated. The Mr Porter is printed six times a year, and The Journal, its online magazine, has a new issue every week.

Mr Porter gives extra effort to put the spotlight on the products it offers. For this very reason, over 300 brands—including Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Maison Kitsune, Boglioli, Raf Simons, Church’s, and J.Crew, among many others—have partnered with the site to sell their products, and the number is still projected to grow. New products are added to the catalog regularly, but if you’re on the look out for them before they run out, here’s a tip: check the site on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The influence of the site is definitely wide-reaching, as it operates in three continents with four main offices. It has spaces in Manhattan, New York, Hong Kong, and in London, where it all began, so it’s also the location of the site’s headquarters. Mr Porter currently offers shipping to a total of 170 countries, as well as free returns and exchanges. But if you’re in London or New York, lucky you—same-day deliveries are offered in the two major cities-cum-fashion capitals.

In 2015, Mr Porter officially became part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, after the merging of the YOOX Group and the Net-a-Porter Group. Today, the site boasts of 2.5 million unique visitors and 25 million page views monthly.

What is the Ideal Mister Porter customer?

While Mr Porter aims to have a fan base that’s as varied as its directory, Mr Porter Fashion Director Toby Bateman identifies the average client to be a busy man who is successful in his profession and has a corresponding paycheck to show for it, travels a lot, and has little time to shop in brick and mortar retailers, but can access everything in a little device.  Mr Porter has the choices and service an actual store can offer, and the online deal is not inferior to the physical experience. It is perfect for the man who can afford the finer things in life without the hassle.

The Mister’s Approach

You already know the main difference between Mr Porter and Net-a-Porter: they’re marketed for two different audiences. But while from they’re both from the same family and targeting people of similar backgrounds, their approaches are quite different. For instance, the home page is designed to look as if it is of a men’s magazine, with articles about fashion that will hopefully be the first step before browsing offers. The models wearing the items are also picked from people of different professions, just so it could ease customers into indulging their desire to be modish by showing that men from all walks of life do so, and unapologetically. Dressing up is often seen as an activity that encourages vanity, but with Mr Porter, it helps men reject this notion. In the process, it gives them a chance to enjoy styling themselves and making their personality shine through.

The items on the site aren’t displayed on their own. The way Mr Porter operates, it gives ideas on how to mix and match clothes and accessories, so its clients knows what looks good and what doesn’t. A product page will show you all the details you need to know—the construction, size, care, and other details. But the photographs will also show models wearing different items that are also available on the site. The wide array of brands and items that Mr Porter has permits men to make more purchases and possibly discover new brands to love along the way.

Something New for Mr Porter

The year 2018 marked a new start for the site as it has expanded its catalog to include men’s watches. After bagging the privilege to sell Cartier watches, Mr Porter soon found itself having the sole right among online retail kings to market the beautiful Bell & Ross’ BR-X1 Skeleton Tourbillon, which is in exclusive blue and can’t be found anywhere else. To date, it is the most expensive item in Mr Porter’s collection, further solidifying its place in the elites of online luxury marketplaces.

A Final Note

On paper, it might be easy to put up an online market. But for Mr Porter, it’s not enough to cover the basics. For them, the ease of online retail has to be concurrent with quality service, so they could gain loyal customers. Mr Porter is not just a mere shopping site. It is also filled with content to educate its visitors so they could be more confident in forming their own style, and a wide selection that opens the possibilities for new discoveries.

Mr Porter catalog page screenshot on March 29, 2019 Mr Porter product page screenshot on March 29, 2019

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