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Modesens 2019 Review

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Modesens 2019 Review
Modesens prides itself with growing partnerships with the most important luxury brands of today, making it a highly-qualified “digital shopping assistant.” It is a fashion shopping engine that features a total of 12,000 luxury brands in their collections, compiling the most reliable information on each item from each brand, and giving the best options for prices, sizes and availability. With the reliability of the Modesens, it helps every shopper find the best deals in the internet for their wanted items in just a few clicks.
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Modesens is a reliable one-stop shop fashion shopping assistant, with its ability to provide an easily understandable and comprehensive information on goods and items every shopper needs. Their partnership with merchants and brands make them a truly reliable source of information, which streamlines the searching process and the entire shopping experience of every fashion lover. The online fashion shopping engine is both available on its website and through its app too, offering free shopping assistance to people from different parts of the world. Other must-see features of the website include the ‘Build Your Closet Feature” which allows the users to have knowledge of the pieces they currently have and then add items to their wish list and aim to build their closet collection through that wish list. Real-time notifications of sales and easy access to coupons are part of Modesens’ service as well, making it a true pro-shopper in every way possible.

Save at Modesens

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How to use ModeSens Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with ModeSens
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Click on the item you want to purchase and you’ll be redirected to the shopping site the item being sold at.
  4. Go their respective processes on applying promo codes (see other shopping site pages for reference).
  5. Enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

Introduction to ModeSens

Love to shop? Then you know that the World Wide Web is heaven sent. Sure, there are bad cookies here and there, and you have to weed them out so that you could get the best items and still protect yourself. The fact remains though that there is so much to see online and plenty of goods to get from all the corners of the Earth that can be sent to you instantly with a single click. When shopping, the Internet is your oyster.

With this abundance comes a dilemma though: how do you know which company to trust? Yes, there are sites that host reviews so you just know which to avoid. But what if you want to spare yourself from inspecting every single page? Here comes the website ModeSens, affording you to see everything at once.

No need to make online shopping complicated

What is ModeSens? For starters, ModeSens is a platform that integrates all the information of the most coveted items online into its website. When you spot something you like, it makes the decision-making easier by checking its availability on other shopping sites and automatically comparing the prices on each. You can handle the selection from the site, as well as the sharing, purchase and follow-up. The time-saving method is especially beneficial when you can afford to buy luxury but do not necessarily have the luxury of time.

Based in Kirkland, Washington, the start-up was an idea conceived by founder, as well as CEO, Brian Li. The executive was a software developer who—surprise, surprise—also loved fashion. As such, he was familiar with how customers behave. Usually, they are influenced by other people and media they follow: celebrities, influencers, and fashion magazines, and then proceed to scout for these items or post them on their social media accounts. The process can be tedious though as it requires looking through every shopping website, or even going to stores personally, trying their luck if their coveted piece is available there. But honestly, who has the time?

The features, explained in more detail

ModeSens gives an enticing offer, no doubt about that, but how does it really work?

ModeSens’ main selling point is that you can get the best deals from its website. The company does the job of scanning through hundreds of shopping websites so that you can compare prices in an instant. It’s important to note though, that it is not ModeSens that sells the items, but it spares you the task of gathering the information yourself.

Have a fear of missing out but do not want your email to be bombarded with tens of emails from shopping sites you visit? ModeSens can cut the number of messages to just one with them keeping tabs on updates of brands and products you’re interested in. It currently has 166 retail partners, some of which are established names such as Farfetch, Mr. Porter, Net-a-Porter, Ssense among others, and 11,501 brand partners. That is plenty of coverage.

As a member of ModeSens, you can also curate your closet, a collection of likes and wants of the products that have been featured on the website. You can also easily share your closet too by inviting friends to check it out themselves, plus do reviews if you like. You can explore collections within the community as well, if you want to discover new trends.

And lastly, you can shop like a pro with a feature that is not exactly on the website but still a ModeSens feature nonetheless. The company offers a shopping assistant in the form of a Chrome extension that can detect when you’re browsing an item on a particular site, and intuitively search for other stores offering the same product to save your time.

An exclusive shopping experience


Are you already counting yourself in for the service? There is a catch though, which is, you have to be a member to avail of its services. And right now, being a member is not as effortless as just signing up. You have to request an invitation from ModeSens or be invited by a friend who is a member of the site.

Although ModeSens wants more shoppers to benefit from the convenience its website provides, it also wants to do its very best in accomplishing its goal. By limiting its members, ModeSens can focus and give a personalized assistance to every customer, ensuring a truly luxurious shopping experience.

Modesens catalog page screenshot on April 11, 2019 Modesens product page screenshot on April 11, 2019

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