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Mille Feux by Louis Vuitton Review

Mille Feux by Louis Vuitton Review 1
Mille Feux by Louis Vuitton Review
Mille Feux is in the same league as its contemporary Louis Vuitton fragrances, the leather of great quality just like its desirable bags and luggages. The raspberry and bergamot is juicy and zesty, and the saffron does the job of keeping the sugary vibe to a tolerable level. It is light, and performs excellently in both warmer and cooler weather. It poses a difficulty in buying though as it is not as widely available and is also pricey.
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The opening of raspberries and bergamot is juicy
Saffron keeps the scent from being overbearingly sweet
We find this to be lovely even in warmer weather
Longevity and sillage are more than enough
Not easy to find and not very accessible with its price point
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Mille Feux was released by French luxury house Louis Vuitton in 2016. Designed by Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the scent featured osmanthus and raspberry, besides leather. It took four years before the fragrance was finalized. Léa Seydoux was the face for Mille Feux, as well as other LV scents launched at the same time.

Mille Feux by Louis Vuitton Review 2

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