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Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe Highlighter Pen Review

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe Highlighter Pen Review
Product Description
The Liquid Strobe Highlighter Pen by Milk Makeup, more than anything, seems like a masterclass in incompetent product design. While the method for product dispensation is actually quite interesting, and it creates a natural-looking, glowing highlight on the skin, in every other aspect, this product just straight-up fails. First of all, for something that originally cost $24.00, it just looks cheap, and the formula won’t have you changing your mind about it either. The “pigmentation” of this product is practically nonexistent. Application-wise, it even has the added bonus of dragging harshly at already-set makeup, and leaving chunky glitters all over the skin. In terms of wear time, it’s also very easy to rub off (and looks awful when you accidentally do). Overall, this product just has too many fundamental missteps on every conceivable level to possibly be considered “worth it.”
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Interesting dispensation method
Natural-looking highlight
Looks very cheap
Lacks pigmentation
Drags makeup
Overly chunky glitters
Easily rubbed off

Milk Makeup should feel fortunate that they have some well-beloved products out there, because as we were looking at the Liquid Strobe Highlighter Pen, all we could think was, “What a pathetic excuse for a product.” Sad.

But before anything else, the good points. They’re scant, but they do exist. Out of everything this product offered, what most interested us was the clickable pen-type rollerball dispenser which, in theory, seemed like a fantastic idea for a highlighter. Once you get the product onto the skin, it actually gives a cute, natural-looking highlight, but definitely not the “strobe” the product promises which is its own issue.

For the most part, this product just seems cheap. From the sad plastic packaging to the actual product itself, it seems more like an afterthought than an actual item that could possibly change how we like to do our highlighter. As mentioned, the pigmentation on this product is sorely lacking, and it’s kind of embarrassing, to be very frank. When you try to apply it, it drags at makeup, sometimes even damaging the base you’ve worked so very hard to build. And the horrifying amount of glitters! It’s almost shocking that this wasn’t actually a child’s toy product. The wear time is also laughable, and it looks awful once it wears off, leaving no trace of pigmentation, but only lots and lots of glitter.

Even with its current discounted price at major retailers, there’s absolutely nothing going for this product that would make it desirable. At all.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe Highlighter Pen is available in two shades: Ultra Violet (iridescent lavender) and Beam (Gold).

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