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Method Men Bar Soap Review

Method Men Bar Soap

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Method Men Bar Soap Review
What instantly attracted us to the Method Men Bar Soap was the look of it. The minimalist style print and sophisticated green color of the packaging had us thinking it was a high end soap, but we were surprised to find that it was totally affordable! The soap itself contains evenly distributed grits that gently exfoliated our skin whilst providing a nice foamy lather. It neither dried out our skin or overly hydrated it, which was fine. Our only issue with the soap was that the smell wasn’t strong enough. Both scent variations have a lovely scent upon opening but dissipates soon after application, which was very underwhelming. But if you’re the type of person who has a sensitive nose, then this soap would be perfect for you.
Value for Money
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Gently exfoliates
Lathers well
Doesn't dry out the skin
Scent is very underwhelming

Method Men utilizes coconut oil, palm oil, and glycerin to produce this bar soap. It is lightly fragranced, so light that it doesn’t stay on your skin, which suits best to those with sensitive noses.

Comes in Three Scents:

  • Cedar & Cyprus 
  • Juniper & Sage
  • Sea & Surf

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