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The modern men have a lot of things going on with their lives- meetings, vacation, university or work, family, friends, and society, among others- that underline the need for different types of bags. Men vary in personality and sense of style. And this can be very glaring by the clothes and bags they wear. As for bags, they convey your style, priorities in life, status, and lifestyle. Psychologists have repeatedly emphasized the connection we have with our garments like bags. They explain what your bag says about you. But, we will leave this broad and interesting subject to them.

Men, much like women, have their own essentials. This is what man-bags are for. The problem is, unlike women, some men do not realize the important role that bags play other than function. Looking for a fashionable and functional bag is the least of their concerns. Bags can either improve or sabotage your entire look. Make sure you got the right bag, in form and function, to go with your outfit. In this article, we will help you learn about the different types of bags for men. We hope that this article inspires you to make every choice you make matters.


Men’s bags feature a very colorful beginning. Compared to the handful of types of bags we have at the moment, in the past, both men and women used a pouch-like container where they place their belongings. These pouches, made from silk, metal or leather, were wrapped around the waist or legs. In the 14th to 17th century, these girdle pouches were essential to hold their spices, money, and herbs. It was also during Renaissance period when satchel was introduced, but used only by school children.

As the Industrial Revolution took place and train has become a primary mode of transportation, the need for durable or sturdy bags gave birth to briefcase. Briefcase was used by middle class employees to hold their papers and these bags were equipped with metal locks for security purposes.

During the war in 1914 to 1945, bags made from cotton canvas or hemp were widely used by men in the military. These bags were worn attaching it to the belt to carry food, medicine, and journal. After the war, however, the popularity of bags once again resurfaced. This time, a variety of satchel was redesigned to cater to men. Apart from satchel, men of these years were likewise sporting messenger bags, which were originally created to aid post carriers and bike messengers. But as our things got smaller, there was also a need for a smaller version of messenger bag, which we refer to as Nimrod, which is capable of holding a man’s essentials.

While backpacks have been around for a long time, it was the 2010s that has men wearing backpacks. Influenced by street style, men started adopting backpacks, especially as men become more and more laidback or casual-looking. Finally, as companies and individuals start to transact paperless, big and bulky satchel and messenger bags were laid to rest and men’s portfolio bags took on the spot. They are made primarily from leather and available in different colors, a portfolio bag, male version of a woman’s clutch bag, is a perfect accessory to a minimalist looking gentleman.


Commuting has never been this convenient. A part of it is because of the trustworthy backpacks. Backpacks have a larger room to hold all our essentials and miscellaneous items. Some backpacks are even especially designed to cater the need for certain individuals. For instance, if you always go out with your laptop, there are backpacks that provide protective dividers to keep your laptop intact and safe. They also come in different sizes so your backpacks do not always come as bulky as it really is. There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a backpack including your occupation, budget, what you usually carry around considering we use backpack more as an everyday bag, location, and style.

Clutch Bags

One of the highlights in the history of men’s fashion is the fact that they adopted the use of clutch bags, which were previously exclusive to women. Now that we have come to the modern time and as people call for equality and to put a stop to discrimination, designers have tackled on the job of producing fashionable clutch bags for men. This is true considering that more people have decided to live a minimal life and carry or own less. Clutch bags are great picks for a fun and straight to the point look. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials so you have a better selection to choose the right one that perfectly suits your taste.

Laptop Bags and Briefcases

Some guys have their lives entwined with their electronics, while others are living old school and prefer the actual papers. Either way, what you need are either laptop bags, briefcases, or both. Laptop bags are specifically designed to safely hold your computer. Some designs even give you room for other belongings. Briefcases, meanwhile, are your go-to bags either for laptop or for documents. For papers, the briefcase makes sure that they are clean, organized, and spotless. Briefcases are widely used by men in the business environment since it is also easy to carry. Today, these laptop bags and briefcases come in sophisticated looks, especially those in darker colors.

Messenger Bags

Stylish and trendy, but a less formal than briefcases, these messenger bags are ideal for students and working gentlemen. In the past, men used messenger bags to carry books and some documents. At present, they carry more than that. You keep your phones and other gadgets in there. It makes a good choice for an everyday bag since messenger bags are generally designed to be sturdy considering the purpose why they are produced. They come in classic design in leather, nylon, rubber thick canvas, or a combination of two or more materials. Compared to briefcases, messenger bags allow you to move hands-free.

Shoulder Bags

A lot of people may not have realized this, but shoulder bags are not exclusive to women. Men have their own shoulder bags that necessarily include messenger bag, duffel bags, weekenders, and other bags with straps attached to it. The advantage of having shoulder bags is to keep you hands free to attend to more important matters. For example, rushing to the office early in the morning allows you to eat or drink you coffee on your way there because you hands allow you to. Shoulder bags come in different designs so make sure you get one that suits you.

Tote Bags

More than style, men go for bags that really work. This means bags that could carry the things they need. Not all bags can do it save for tote bags. They come in a variety of materials, although the most common are made from thick fabric or canvas. Tote bags are very versatile. You can wear them to work as it could also hold laptop, folders, and envelopes. You can take it with you to the grocery, or go beaching with a fancy tote bag. Many men actually have the courage to carry tote bags since tote bag nowadays are designed with masculinity in terms of color and design.

Wallets and Billfolds

It always hurts to lose your hard-earned money. This is the reason why, despite the advancement we now enjoy, most of us still keep a wallet or billfolds in our bags. They keep our bills organized and neat, and they likewise do the same to our cards and IDs. Among the most popular wallets and billfolds for men are those which come in either black or brown color, and made from refined and durable leather.

Travel and Suitcases

When we travel, the least we want are delayed flights or delayed or lost luggage. Of course, we want our trips to be smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free. As much as possible we want our belongings to be organized and that is why we make sure we have a reliable travel bag or suitcase. First, they have to be sturdy and waterproof. We do not want our belongings soaked in rainwater. You also do not want a malfunctioning or damaged luggage wheels. Second, they have to be equipped with a roomy interior to hold your items. But luggage that comes with compartments is the most ideal. This will vary considering that travel bags and suitcases come in different sizes. Other factors to consider are the expandability, price, color, handle, and security locks.

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