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Medea Releases 2019’s It Bag: The Hanna

Medea Releases 2019's It Bag - The Hanna - Featured Image

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If bags make your heart flutter, we have exciting news for you: Medea, the brand founded by twin sisters Giulia and Camilla Venturini, has released a top contender for 2019’s It bag, the Hanna. That’s saying a lot, especially since we are nowhere half the year. What’s more, it already has earned the stamp of approval of no other than RiRi herself.

The past months have been great for bags, and we’ve seen the revival of not one but two iconic pieces: both Dior’s Saddle bag and Fendi’s Baguette are finding new fans among the younger generation despite being first released sometime in the last two decades. But the new should not be shunned in favor of the old and classy completely, especially when we have the Medea creation that holds just as much potential to be exalted in a similar way some years from now.

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In a time when small bags are reigning, the Hanna sets itself apart from the rest for being on the pages of many models and fashion icons. Besides snaps of Rihanna with the bag, we have both Petra Collins and Paloma Elsesser flaunting the tiny yet elegant purse. It is the Goldilocks’ choice as it is not too small and yet not too overwhelming in size, it just feels right. That means most of your day essentials can fit right in: your cards, phone, lippie and even a camera will be secured by the purse.

The minimalism of the bag was intentional. The founders do not identify as overly feminine, so they wanted that to be somehow reflected on their purses. The Hanna had the versatility in use of a shopping bag yet it would not appear out of place in a fancy meeting in the way that plastic would. Meanwhile, its durable vibe is said to be inspired by German singer Hanna Schygulla, who the Venturinis say exuded a style that is strong but also feminine.

Hitting the sweet spot with the Hanna is quite a feat for a label as new as Medea. The brand named after Greek mythology’s sorceress jilted by the hero Jason and the Pier Paolo Pasolini film of the same title is not even a year old, and yet it already was snapped on Rihanna. Retailers were also quick to take on the brand, as their totes are now available for purchase from Dover Street Market, Opening Ceremony and Selfridges. The Hanna comes in eight colors that are easy to the eyes, but if the likes of emerald and orange do not strike your fancy, that’s fine—the twins are planning to enlist artists to reinterpret their It bag in the future. The very first of the collaborations is set for release in September, although the sisters did not divulge any more information.

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Image credits: Sharna Osborne, Camilla and Giulia Venturini, Bunny Kinney

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