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Maybelline Fit Me!® Dewy + Smooth Foundation Review


Maybelline Fit Me!® Dewy + Smooth Foundation Review
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Despite our issues with it, we really enjoy using the Fit Me!® Dewy + Smooth Foundation from Maybelline. Besides the general affordability and accessibility of this product because it is a drugstore product, this foundation holds up really well, especially for people with drier skin types. Besides giving a little extra hydration for its target market, this foundation offers a fantastic shade range and a beautiful, luminous finish. Our main issue with this product, the lack of a pump, honestly feels like small potatoes compared to what this product is capable of.
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Very affordable
Fantastic shade range
Softer consistency
Luminous finish
Feels hydrating
No pump
Needs more touch-ups

Honestly, in terms of the drugstore, we believe that Maybelline can (almost) do no wrong. Yes, we have seen the brand stumble a few times here and there, but they do also have plenty of products in the market that are able to compete on the level of their more pricey luxury counterparts. One of these products is the Fit Me!® Dewy + Smooth Foundation.

Because this is a drugstore foundation, affordability definitely plays a part in why we love this so much, even if it isn’t even the highlight of this product. We love this product because it just presents so beautifully on the skin despite it’s inexpensiveness. First, thing to consider about this product is that its shade range is pretty good. Perhaps it’s not as expansive as its sister product’s, the Maybelline Fit Me!® Matte + Poreless Foundation (full review here), but on its own, it’s still a pretty great range. Another thing we really appreciate about this product is its consistency. Compared to the creamy consistency of the Matte + Poreless, this foundation has a much thinner consistency which also helps it sheer out when it’s being blended. This foundation’s finish is also pretty noteworthy, achieving a pretty great level of luminosity that makes the skin look smooth without cakiness. Finally, this product really feels hydrating, which is a fantastic quality to have when it’s being used for drier-skinned folks.

Our primary contention about this product, similar to its sister product, is that we really dislike the lack of the pump. This line of Fit Me!® foundations has achieved a certain level of infamy for this particular reason even if these foundations are pretty beloved for their formulas at the same time. Besides this, formula-wise, our only real complaint is that because it’s not a matte foundation, this product does require a little more touching-up throughout the day, which can be a little bit annoying.

Overall, we’re very happy with the way this foundation performs, especially for makeup users with drier skin types that need a little extra glow and dewiness to make their skin look fresh and healthy. This product doesn’t get the same level of recognition as its Matte + Poreless sister, but in our opinion, it definitely should because we believe its formula is pretty on-par—it just caters to a completely different skin type.

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to dry skin.

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