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Marc Jacobs Revives His Controversial 90s Grunge Collection


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Marc Jacobs, like any great designer before him, has had his own share of ups and downs. In Jacobs’ case, his fall from glory in the 1990s was especially remembered for a Perry Ellis collection that polarized fans and critics. The reception was overwhelmingly negative, at least among critics, who said that there is nothing glamorous or elegant about his grunge collection that had models wearing beanies and anything else that paled against the glitzy 80s; the aftermath saw him being fired from the label not long after. The clothes, however, found their audience in the following years, and became among the defining collections of the decade. Today, Marc Jacobs is looking fondly at what vies for both his greatest success and failure in the 1990s, and is re-releasing the collection but now under his eponymous brand.

It is only timely given fashion’s current infatuation with the past, the nineties among them. The flannel shirts, bike shorts, and cargo pants are just a few of the returning trends. But in the case of Jacobs, introducing his past creations to a new set of consumers is his own way of mixing things up. The time he released the originals was pivotal for the designer, who said that it was the first instance he fully saw through the realization of his vision from beginning to end. Despite his removal as the lead of Perry Ellis, it was not as bad as it sounds.: the dip eventually led to his founding of his own brand, and the supposed flop of a collection helped shape the grunge look we can easily envision today. He also assumed the head of creative direction over at Louis Vuitton beginning in the late 1990s, a position he held all the way to 2014.

Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-1 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-2 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-3 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-4

The collection in question, which is named “Redux Grunge Collection 1993/2018 Marc Jacobs”, is a set of 26 ensembles that are all true to the spirit of the original release in the early nineties. Besides offering ready-to-wear garments, it will also include shoes and accessories that scream grunge and come in a variation of styles that eventually became popular in the decade. You can channel your inner 90s Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss with the collection, while still feeling “in” sartorially with the current decade.

We won’t be seeing the top supermodels of the decade relive their 90s moment with Jacobs, but the campaign is not any less interesting especially with esteemed fashion photographer Juergen Teller tapped to do the photoshoot. Plus, it features some of today’s rising models, including Slick Woods, Gigi Hadid, Binx Walton and Dree Hemingway.

Interested? You’re in luck. Before November 15, the pieces were already available for pre-order. By the latter half of the month, the selection will be available not only on the brand website and boutiques but also select department stores. There are enough chances for you to grab the recreated 90s garbs that defined the fashion scene 25 years earlier, so you might as well not miss it. There’s everything for every budget here, too; the price of the pieces range from the two digits to the thousands, the latter reserved for the luxurious outerwears.

Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-5 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-6 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-7 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-8 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-9 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-10 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-11 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-12 Marc-Jacobs-Revives-His-Controversial-90s-Grunge-Collection-13

Image credits: George Chinsee/Penske Media/REX/Shutterstock, Shutterstock, Juergen Teller

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