Makeup Application Has Never Been This Posh: Artis Came Up With The Most Luxurious Bespoke Brushes


August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

We totally get you—that makeup base and blush wouldn’t be seamless at all without a proper makeup brush. They may sometimes require more than what you usually spend for makeup, but with the right makeup brushes, the price will always be worth it. We’ve got a few favorite brands that we always come to when there’s need for more gorgeous tools, from Morphe to Bobbi Brown, then Nars to Tom Ford, and finally, Artis.


Artis is a luxury brush company that carries with it glamour in ever product launch or simple purchase for cult-fave brushes. That glamour is always translated to the quality of each individual brush, which has unbeatable softness, chic design, durability, and topnotch performance in blending in makeup products in your face. Often, you’ll find Artis brushes within the price range of $70-$500, like the following products:

Yet this year, they’ve decided to take the luxury up into the maximum… and we mean MAXIMUM.

Limited Edition Holiday Brushes

The holiday surprise brought to us by Artis is based on the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7, its best-selling brush. The limited editions version the brand especially designed for this upcoming holidays are probably the most luxurious brushes in the entirety of makeup history…and the most expensive too! Each of the three limited-edition versions cost a whopping price of $25,000!


So what makes them worthy of such a STEEP price tag? Well, aside from the usual impressive quality that Artis always ingrains in their products, these holiday are covered with gold plates and decorated with precious diamonds, black diamonds, or rubies. Yes, they contain actual precious stones.


You think it’s a bit over the top? Well, take away “a bit” in that statement and you’re closer to reality. IT IS OVER THE TOP. But Leigh Parrinello Adelman, general manager of Artis explains that they actually had a collector’s perspective in mind when they designed the Artis Bespoke limited-edition custom brushes. So, if you’re a regular beauty gal, it’s normal for you to find this prince point mind-blowing. But if you’re that luxury beauty fanatic with a real penchant for gorgeous collector items, then this is right on your alley.

Bespoke Brushes

Since Artis isn’t only known for their impeccable brushes but their bespoke offers, you probably already saw this coming—the holiday makeup brushes come with a bespoke package. It included services like custom engraving, a special care kit, a brush case, insurance, and a dedicated number and email for support in brush care and maintenance. Each $25,000-dollar brush will also give you a special makeup training session with Artis and Training Lead, Lindsey Jackson, in person or thru FaceTime. Awesome, right?

Artis-Came-Up-With-The-Most-Luxurious-Bespoke-Brushes-3 Artis-Came-Up-With-The-Most-Luxurious-Bespoke-Brushes-2

With Artis, we are encourage to look beyond makeup brushes as simple makeup tools. They become real pieces of art, aside from true symbols of luxury beauty, which allows every buyer to have a unique ownership of each of the brushes. One-on-one bespoke design services of the brand enables people to express their creativity too through their very own makeup brushes.

If such concept fully resonates with you and if you’re keen on getting yourself these ethereal stone-encrusted makeup brushes, get them at before they all run out of stock!


Image credits: Artis, Style Denomination, Forbes and Victoria Vanness

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