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MAC Cosmetics Lipglass Tinted Lip Glosses Review

MAC Cosmetics Lipglass Tinted Lip Glosses Review
Product Description
Side-by-side with MAC Cosmetics’ reliable, great quality stable of products, the Lipglass is… just okay. It’s definitely not a horrible product by any means; it’s got a lot of redeeming qualities to it. First of all, the color range of this product is fantastic, allowing you a variety of choices. It definitely does gloss up the lips, making them beautifully bright and shiny. And most importantly, this product lasts a long time even when eating, which is a struggle most lip products can only dream of overcoming. On the other hand, for a lip gloss, this product is a little pricey. The packaging also wastes a good amount of product because of how hard the product can be to pick up with the applicator from the small tube. For a gloss, it’s pretty unusual that this product doesn’t have a lot of hydrating properties, but that’s just the way this product is, and you’ll definitely need to coat your lips with a moisturizing product before putting this gloss on. Another challenge to overcome, which can be a dealbreaker, is the taste (and by extension, the fragrance) of this product. There’s something strong and chemical-like about this product that might just be the nail in the coffin for this product for some people, so if you’re looking to purchase this product, maybe find a way to test it out first, in case that’s going to be a huge bother for you.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
Reader Rating1 Vote
Great color range
Looks bright and shiny on the lips
Quite pricey
Packaging wastes product
Not hydrating

MAC Cosmetics’ roster of products is generally pretty reliable, which contributes to the brand’s status as a go-to for great products to add to their collection. In the case of the Lipglass, sadly, there’s a lot to overcome when finding a way to actually, wholeheartedly love this product, so if this is a product that interests you, perhaps find a way to test it out first, and manage your expectations for this product.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, but less so for people with very dry lips.

Other Information:

  • The MAC Cosmetics Lipglass comes in a large variety of colors, from naturals to bolds, perfect for any occasion you could use it for.

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