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MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara Review

MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara Review
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The sad thing about the MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara is that it has so much potential which ultimately ends up squandered. Some things about the formula are great including a rare intensity of color, and its ability to kind-of “freeze” eyelash curling. But it’s just generally underwhelming in such a way that it only works on some everyday makeup looks. Everything else absolutely swallows it up.
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Decent color coverage
Keeps lashes curled
Stays on for a good, long while
Only really shines in light everyday looks

There are certain products that only shine in the most specific of situations, whether we like it or not. One such product is the Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara from MAC Cosmetics. While, in our opinion, this product actually works quite well, it’s dragged down by the face that it only really thrives on a very specific kind of condition.

The color coverage of this mascara is actually quite decent, letting off a good amount of color with a minimal coat of product. This, of course, is important in not finishing the product immediately, which, let’s face it, no one wants. This mascara is also really good at keeping eyelashes curled, maybe more so than so many matches I’ve seen.  This product, on top of these other things, is also quite long-lasting. “Extended play” is definitely is.

Our biggest frustration with this product, which surprised us, was the way it’s used. It can be useful in some situations, but overall, it only really works well under very specific conditions. It’s a great everyday mascara, for example, but if you try to use it for a heavier glam look, it looks really underwhelming, et cetera.

We don’t think this mascara is bad. Far from it, it actually does quite well in very, very light makeup situations, but if you try to insert it in anything heavier, it gets just immediately swallowed up, which we just don’t think is something that should necessarily be happening with any mascara.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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