Lush Cosmetics Released Their Valentine’s Bath Bomb Collection and It’s Full of Suggestive Emojis


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While many of us are still taking in the fun festivities during the holidays and the excitement of the New Year, Lush seems to be ahead of the Valentine campaign game—and in no way subtle, too. The well-loved brand didn’t need a lot of glitter on top of their announcements because the product speaks for themselves…in an almost NFSW way!


Get ready for the LOLs because Lush offers some of its most suggestive products ever, ready to bring some steamy baths and showers for you this coming Cupid’s day. Turning full-on millennial this time, they are incorporating some suggestive emojis into the mix: the eggplant and the peach. We believe that doesn’t need explanation, but if you don’t get it, we suggest you take a few seconds to google that (don’t try it at work, though!).

Now let’s delve into the Valentine’s Day collection and see if these could actually replace the timeless gifts for the Valentines: flowers and chocolates.

Eggplant Bath Bomb ($6.95)


It’s a vegetable, you guys! Buy if you’re pro in Emoji texting, you know that this one probably means more than just a healthy veggie. And here’s what Lush had to say about it: “Just the tip…fizzes a little faster than the rest.”

Peachy Bath Bomb ($6.95)


A cuter (but still suggestive) bath bomb is designed with the emoji Kim K. is well-associated with. It isn’t a cutesy and cheeky item too, it’s true to its appearance—it contains peach juice!

Love Boat Bath Bomb ($6.95)

Love-Boat-Bath-Bomb-1 Love-Boat-Bath-Bomb

Letting you sail away into a place where love proliferates is this Love Boat Bath Bomb that turns your bath water into a pink paradise.

Love Island Body Scrub ($4.95)


Fancy a scrub with your S.O.? Get both the skin benefits and love with the exfoliating sea salt, sand and sugar in this body scrub.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar ($6.95)


Because Valentines is a day that makes our hearts flutter, Lush added a sense of magic into the collection with a unicorn-themed item. It has neroli and lavender scents that will make you think unicorn horns are indeed full of magic.

Lush Avocado Wash Naked Shower Gel ($10.59)


You’ll have a great time with this naked *wink wink* shower gel added with the millennials’ favorite breakfast item: avocado.

Lush Eve’s Cherry Lip Scrub ($7.95)


There’s no other way to prepare yourself for all the kissing that could happen on Valentine’s Day. Scrub those lips!

Lush Open Your Heart Bubble Bra Bubbleroon ($6.95)


Another cheeky symbol, the Bubble Bra Bubbleroon takes us to the iconic cone lingerie worn by the one and only, Madonna.

Lush Big Banana Massage Bar ($7.95)


Ah, a big banana emoji for a massage. Aside from the hidden-but-quite-obvious meaning to it, you’d love this one because of its scent—thanks to cocoa and shea butter with Brazilian orange oil, and you must have guessed it: fresh bananas!

Lush Six Reusable Bubble Bar ($6.95)


Why number six? What so special about it? An innocent mind wouldn’t know right away, but here’s a clue: it could be a six, but it could also be a nine. This one has ylang ylang and spicy clove bud to fill your tub with a relaxing scent.

So, did these bath items brought a good laugh out of you? It did for us! Lush indeed has a way to charm its customers, and they added a huge deal of cheekiness this 2019. The collection has been available online since January 7 and in physical stores on January 11. Along with the amusingly suggestive products above, you can buy the following Valentine’s items too, which are also included in the collection:



Image credits: Lush Cosmetics, Franalibi, Lusk UK/Facebook, Instagram (Mermaid Blood, lushsimmers, lushneedsspa, beki.lushi).

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