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The Rain Doesn’t Have to Dampen Your Style: Lovely Designer Raincoats to Have

The Rain Doesn’t Have to Dampen Your Style - Lovely Designer Raincoats to Have

Ever found yourself all glammed up only to have your outfit, and in turn, your mood, ruined by the weather? We’re sure we all have at one point or another, frowning at the need to use an umbrella or wear an unsightly, ill-fitting raincoat to go to our destination in one piece. However, we don’t have to sacrifice style in order to be protected from the downpour, only if we know where to look. Here are some lovely designer raincoats available to get you ahead of the rainy days:

1. Balenciaga Opera oversized printed reflective shell raincoat

Balenciaga Opera oversized printed reflective shell raincoat

Price: US$2,490.00
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When making a statement, you do not have to limit yourself with wild colors or prints. Sometimes, altering the size works just as much, as can be seen in this Balenciaga shell raincoat. Save for the logo at the back, the raincoat is pretty much what you’d see on others, except with a sicker, bigger silhouette. With a hint of the dramatic, Opera only becomes an apt name for this Italian made raincoat that comes with a reflective sheen and a drawstring hood.

2. Rick Owens DRKSHDW zipped up raincoat

Rick Owens DRKSHDW zipped up raincoat

Price: US$1,630.00
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You can count on Rick Owens to turn the typical into something edgier; if you need proof, just behold this gray raincoat. Coming from the DRKSHDW line, this zipped charmer can go with basically anything, although it will look its best with athleisure. The looks are balanced by its functions, as this one comes with fitted cuffs, side and front flap pockets, and front fastenings for your convenience and to further shield you from the rain.

3. Mira Mikati Hooded rubber raincoat

Mira Mikati Hooded rubber raincoat

Price: US$770.00
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Had enough of the neutrals that do not make you feel any better in the midst of a gloomy weather? Mira Mikati has the antidote in this lovely rubber raincoat made in yellow and emerald green. Besides being pleasing to the eyes, this rubber raincoat also comes with snap-fastening pockets to shield your essentials from the rain and toggles by the hood to secure your hair in place.

4. Rick Owens hooded raincoat

Rick Owens hooded raincoat

Price: US$3,160.00
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Here’s another from Rick Owens who made a reputation for working best with dark themes. This raincoat is no exception, giving a vibe of seriousness and collectedness even when you find yourself trapped by the torrential rains. Made out of black virgin wool blend, the raincoat will mesh well with your work clothes. You can play with the V-neck and the belted waist however you like to better show off the vibe you’re gunning for.

5. Fay houndstooth print raincoat

Fay houndstooth print raincoat

Price: US$1,437.00
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Fay’s houndstooth raincoat is wearable and functional without sacrificing style. It’s not a show stealer but is charming in its own way as it exudes a subtler appeal with its brown, black and red cotton and wool blend. If you want a piece that won’t go out as soon as the trends change, then this is one you can count on; it also comes complete with slit pockets, buttoned cuffs and a lobster claw fastening.

6. Elizabeth and James Varick hooded coated-felt raincoat

Elizabeth and James Varick hooded coated-felt raincoat

Price: US$695.00
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Here is a raincoat that is not sentenced to stay inside the closet when the weather is nothing less than favorable; it would be a shame to reserve it for use only on rainier days. The piece dubbed Varick is made out of wool, felt and rubber, the last coating the raincoat to give it the water-repellent treatment. It comes with a drawstring hood when you need to protect your head from the rain droplets.

The rainy weather may keep you from doing certain activities, but not going out of the house in a stylish way, as these raincoats have proven. There are different styles to fulfill every look, regardless if you want to shine brightly against the dreary background or want to blend in but with an edge. Even if style is secondary to function, both concerns are covered by the pieces on our list; it will now take a lot more than the weather to make your mood sour.

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