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L’Oréal Paris True Match The One Liquid Concealer Review

L’Oréal Paris True Match The One Liquid Concealer Review
Product Description
L'Oréal Paris’ True Match The One Concealer is a generally serviceable concealer that’s much better on some people with specific skin types than it is on others. It’s definitely not a bad concealer by any means: It’s extremely blendable, lightweight, and has a comfortable demi-matte finish. But it has some shortcomings that may be dealbreakers for people who could potentially want this concealer. The coverage is much lighter than one would expect, and it does require a good amount of touching-up through the day because it tends to exacerbate in oiliness in people with oily skin. But otherwise, we think that this is overall a pretty decent concealer.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Very blendable
Demi-matte finish
Coverage is a little too light
Needs to be touched up throughout the day
Gets oily on certain skin types

The True Match The One Concealer from L’Oréal Paris is a generally serviceable concealer that’s unfortunately a little too subtle to really stand out as a concealer, but is a good concealer nonetheless.

Three things really make this concealer formula. First, it’s very easy to blend. Some concealers out there are tough to work around when initially applied to the skin, but the consistency of this concealer makes it so that you don’t really have to worry about spreading out the product, especially if you’re working with a damp blending sponge. It’s also very light on the skin, so for the most part, it doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing any makeup in the parts where you applied this. Third, the demi-matte finish of the product is beautiful, drying down just the right amount to adhere to the skin, but also still looking fresh and moisturized.

But this concealer certainly has a few issues to contend with. The coverage leaves so much to be desired. It’s fine for some subtle brightening here and there (like in the undereye region), but this is definitely not a spot corrector that you can take to blemishes to cover them up. This concealer also needs constant caring-for throughout the day lest you end up with lots of creasing or wearing out. This issue is probably connected to another issue of the product’s which is exacerbating oiliness in certain skin types. This is by far one of the product’s biggest issues. No one likes to look oily-shiny, so you have to be careful about using this product, especially in the T-zone.

The verdict? Like we said, as far as concealers go, it’s… fine, even as far as drugstore concealers go. Not the best, but not particularly horrible either. If you don’t really have too many issues with your skin, this is probably a good concealer for you to try out just to get that extra definition and sculpting.

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to dry skin types.

Other Information

  • The L’Oréal Paris True Match The One Concealer is available in 14 different shades that cater to a variety of skin tones (and undertones).

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