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LORAC Cosmetics Blush/Bronzer Cheek Duo Palette Review


LORAC Cosmetics Blush/Bronzer Cheek Duo Palette Review
Product Description
Intimidating in the pan, but fresh and lovely on the face, the Blush/Bronzer Duo by LORAC Cosmetics does a great job with providing a very natural-looking, sun-touched glow. While the product might be a little too shimmery for some people, and the formula is a little difficult to finesse properly, it’s still a viable option for a warm-toned palette for your blush and bronzer.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Light, natural color
Wears for a long time
Looks intimidating in the pan
Might be too shimmery for some
Hard to blend

As far as combinations of blush and bronzer go, the Blush/Bronzer Duo is as decent as it gets. With this product, LORAC Cosmetics demonstrates a mastery of selecting colors that flatter the most amount of people possible.

As intense as the colors might look in the pan, they go on a lot more natural than one might expect. Both the blushes and the bronzers hew towards warmth so it’s definitely more to give you that fresh, “baked in the sun” rosy complexion more than intense sculpting. These powders are even able to brighten the complexion for good measure, enabling you to live your glowiest. Additionally, the wear time is a solid 6-8 hours without (much) oil seeping through so you won’t have to be constantly retouching.

The main issue of this product is probably how shimmery it may come off on the skin. Because the product is so glow-oriented, it contains a good amount of glitter that may be a turn-off to some. At the same time, the powder is also a little difficult to blend, which could be an issue you run into if you accidentally end up applying a touch too much blush or bronzer from this palette.

We had to mention how intimidating these products look in the pan because that’s a genuine issue. Of course, when we put on makeup, we wear it to enhance our appearance. The way the product appears in the pan has to assure us that we won’t be made to look like fools. At the end of the day, we know we didn’t, and the color was much more gorgeous than we’d anticipated, but that moment of hesitation is enough to keep you away from any product.

Overall, I guess we learned not to judge a book by its cover? Joking aside, it actually is a pretty solid duo of products that, when used together, really does have the ability to elevate lighter, more natural looks.

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to dry skin.

Other Information

  • The LORAC Cosmetics Blush/Bronzer Duo is available in two colorways: Hot Flash and Hot & Spicy.

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