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Simone Perele LogoThere’s a lot about fashion that can be attributed to Chanel. But generally, it was the way she broke free from the traditional limits of fashion that set her name and label on the fashion pedestal. Hence, when one is labelled Coco Chanel of lingerie,’ one’s expectation easily shoots up to an extremely high level. Good thing, the woman who earned such reputation is one to never disappoint. She is Simone Perele.

Being a visionary of women’s lingerie, it was just reasonable that her eponymous brand, Simone Perele, takes center stage in the world of intimates—even more than 3 decades after her death. She is  still celebrated up until this day, mainly through the continued excellence of her brand in providing the best fitting pieces to women all over the world.

A lingerie brand like no other

Simone Perele

Simone Perele takes pride in the craft it does—passion, excellence, and creativity all come to play every time a lingerie piece from the brand is created. Through the label’s long and arduous lingerie-making process, which often takes more than 15 months for new designs, the label is able to come up with pieces that have the perfect fit and design.

And this was what mainly drawn women into the brand, Simone Perele’s conviction in providing the best of both worlds in the wonderful dimension of lingerie—perfect fit and irresistible design. Some might find it trivial, but lingerie enthusiasts and even common women know how a lingerie hunt can take so much time when one is finding a piece that satisfies both and balances these aspects: practicality, comfort, glamour and beauty.

A woman’s legacy; a family’s business

Simone Perele 2

In an industry filled with mostly founders who are men, Simone Perele is one of the few who broke the mold. Lingerie should be about women, and who better to understand the intimate wear woes and needs of women but a woman herself, right?

Simone Perele stepped into the world of lingerie in 1948, somehow alleviating the industry of the criticism that only men headed and founded luxury lingerie brands. Coming from a company that sold corsets, Simone wasn’t too far off from the destiny that made her name known all over the globe. The corset-maker in her brought into her brand the idea of women wanting to look and beautiful for themselves, and not for other people.

Simone passed onto her family the same values she upheld and practice for the label, an important aspect that kept the label together for the past decades. Her son Grodner took on the executive position while her daughter Catherine helps out in other aspects of the company. The recent family addition to the company are Mathieu Grodner and Stéphanie Pérèle who are took over as directors of the company. Undoubtedly, Simone Perele has become a family affair that pay tribute and preserves the legacy of the founder, while satisfying the lingerie needs of millions of other women all over the world.

Reaching success through topnotch lingerie

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What made Simone Perele the brand it is today is its consistent commitment to produce only the best lingerie—not only the best looking, not only the best-fitting, but in every aspect and in whichever way you deem fit. When coming up with elegant and sophisticated pieces, details including lace, embroidery, and silhouette became primary priorities of the label, but it never skips on giving attention to the wearer’s comfort and lingerie fit. Glamour and wearability is the fusion that the brand goes for, and this is apparent with the key pieces of the brand’s collections.

A common favorite is the Caressence, which make use of advanced technology to bring in materials that are revolutionary and fabrics that are innovative. For this piece, while great attention is given to the materials, design is still extremely enthralling—a true piece that one would look forward to wearing. Another beautiful creation by the brand is Andora, which also uses tech-advanced fabric, particularly the 3D spacer knit. The end product of this is a smooth bra with a soft fabric finish—a highly comfortable piece like no other.

Other lines and pieces of the brand that made mark in women are the Amour, Delice, and Celeste strapless. Celeste strapless bra, despite not being flaunted more by the press, is one of the world-acclaimed lingerie secrets that are highly luxurious, pratical, and functional and of course, gorgeous.

Simone Perele today

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Simone Perele’s classy lace designs and alluring tulle details shine brightest among many of its French lingerie brand contemporaries. It is in the details that the brand lets its history-laden values be reflected, that’s why it remains to be a significant brand even after many years of being the industry. Currently, Simone Perele is present in more than 30 nations among the top-rated department stores, such as Paris’ Galeries Lafayette, and Australia’s David Jones.

While its history and success are already sure to leave a mark in the lingerie world, the brand still continues to exceed expectations and creating new milestones to be in line with the modern times. Surely, Simone Perele isn’t going to pass on the best lingerie brand crown to any other brand anytime soon.

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