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Rosy LogoIn a world that is slowly becoming openly accepting of the love for the female form, more women are being forward in seeking flattering undergarments to wear at the privacy of their own bedrooms, or beneath their everyday clothes. For inspiration, they can turn to both French women and brands to get a glimpse of what subtle sexiness looks like. After all, the French were years ahead in accepting the lingerie as an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. The trick is to balance ease of wear with sensuality, which often is not that effortlessly achieved. French lingerie brand Rosy proved to be an exception as it is masterful in doing so, and has designed pieces that can help women do the same for many decades now.

A sensual secret since the 1940s

Rosy Lingerie

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Even though the brand has been around since the earlier half of the 20th century, Rosy Paris still feels like a Parisian secret waiting to be discovered.

Established in 1947, Rosy Paris’ first expertise was in another undergarment that may be restricting, but is also meant to accentuate a woman’s shape: corsets. The experience in corsetry gave Rosy authority on vintage styles. This history also enabled the company to have an eye for infusing symbols of the glamorous past with modern techniques, which it often does in its collections. A few of its most successful pieces to exemplify this are its releases during the turn of the new millennium—“Rosy la Vintage” “Rosy la Discrète” and “Rosy la Précieuse”, among others.

Marketing growth and change

Rosy is also notable for putting its name among the hottest lingerie brands in France through its adept use of advertising in the 1950s and the 1960s. During the former, its campaign was not unlike its competitors, which centered on flattering the body in such a way that curves are emphasized; the voluptuous was especially desired. It advertised its then girdle, which was flattering and exquisite in construction, as proof that Rosy holds the secret to the perfect body shape.

In the decade that followed, photographer Jeanloup Sieff created an iconic advertisement in which a nude model held a single rose, but the lingerie is nowhere to be seen. It was the beginning of Rosy’s placing great emphasis on the impactful combination of sexuality and femininity, which led to campaigns with slogans such as “Laissez refleurir la féminité” or “Let femininity bloom again” emerge decades later.

Wear it like a Parisian

The French—Parisian ladies in particular—have no qualms about wearing lingerie. It is a staple in their wardrobes and drawers, and not simply reserved for special occasions. They wear them because they serve as the foundation of their wardrobe. If they feel confident and sexy on the inside, that often translates to their overall vibe regardless of what they are wearing over it.

Rosy pins this easy attitude that Parisian women have over the often lacy undergarments. They’re sexy, but not over the top in sexiness. Collections like the L’Honorable, Les Indispensables and L’Amour do not hide their appeal, but manage to restrain the sensuous so it could balance the garments outside. Rosy is very mindful of its heritage, but is also looking forward to bringing in new styles to make women more comfortable wearing lingerie. And ultimately, to empower women in feeling beautiful and confident in their own skin, if we’re considering the larger scale.

The addition of ornamentation such as graphic prints and embroidery is also considered carefully by the brand, which is eventually reinvented and revisited in case it works. Rosy works best with subtle details, but it does not shy away from louder prints, if need be.

Be like a blooming rose

Rosy Lingerie 3

Blooming is a word apt for Rosy Paris, and not just because of its name taken from the beloved flowers. Rosy is blooming because it is always daring to grow and reinvent itself, and to be bold in choices, while still delivering the familiar feel and look of the brand.

The magic all happens in Rosy’s workshop in France, where designers and seamstresses work side by side to make undergarments that fit nicely for all the sizes available and also have elegant, feminine and playful exterior. The focus on recent years has been on pinks and reds that have modern and youthful touches such as simple lines. However, the selection is not short of pieces that give the glow of old time glamour for those who prefer it. Whatever the choice may be, the wearer can be assured of incredible fit that would leave one feeling sophisticated and alluring.

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