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Maison Lejaby LogoYay! It is the weekend. The end of the work week that you have just been waiting and longing for. Unfortunately, your friends just cancelled due to some other urgent matters and you are left alone at home. You don’t feel disappointed though. You just don’t feel like going out anymore. You just have the brightest idea on how to spend your weekend at home. Being alone does not mean you won’t have fun. You still have a long list of your favorite series to watch on Nextflix anyway.

So, you ordered pizza delivery and found some beer in the fridge, and in the most comfortable and feel good Maison Lejaby underwear that you absolutely love. Don’t you just miss how good it feels to be just by yourself? No work. No restrictions. Just absolute freedom. And some precious time for your good old self. So how could anything else go wrong? Unless your pizza did not arrive in 20 minutes that is. But you still have some leftovers in the fridge anyway so no big deal.

Why Maison Lejaby is the perfect choice

Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby’s aim is simple—to bring the luxury of Paris right through your doorstep onto your lingerie closet. And why wouldn’t it work? All women love Paris, its beauty, ambiance, and most importantly its couture salons where women can just fit whatever pieces they like after watching a fashion show. And such is the greatest inspiration of the brand.

Despite being a luxury brand itself, Maison Lejaby started its couture line to cater to a larger portion of women in the society. Not only do the elites enjoy the beauty and comfort of such stellar French lingerie, but hardworking middle class women (who love to binge watch on Netflix during the weekends) can now indulge themselves to look utterly beautiful and feel fabulous on their intimates.

But don’t get us wrong—this couture line still use great quality and locally-sourced materials, beautiful Lyon silk and Calais Lace, all made into beautiful pieces by hand in France.

Soft bra vs corsets

Maison Lejaby 2

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The French fashion house Maison Lejaby has been making finest lingerie since 1930, when it was founded in a small French town near Lyon. Gabrielle Vinnay designed a soft bra that became a really big hit among women due to its lack of padding and wiring. This particular design was named the “Gabi” bra which was named after the founder Gabrielle.

Such design was surprisingly innovative, fresh and liberating suring a time when women were still wearing corsets. All the constricting contraptions come with women’s clothing at that particular time in history, and the bra is such a breath of fresh air that women welcomed with gladness. It was no wonder that women just love and adore Maison Lejaby—its undergarments are utterly comfortable and devoid of restricting designs.

Unceasing commitment to womens’ comfort

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Since then Maison Lejaby has been actively pursuing new developments and innovations when it comes to fabrics, designs and cuts to be used in its every collection. The brand was the first to acquire exclusive rights for the new Lycra fabric in France. And is also first to launch of “Nuage” or “second skin” technology in the use of making lingerie and swimwear collections in the market.

The innovative side of the brand did not only shine through in those first acquisition and launches of new clothing technology, but also in its designs. While underwear usually come in black, white and pink back then, Masion Lejaby was the first to use other colors in its lingerie. This has proven to be a very favorable advantage for the brand, because women just love colors—and it made them love the brand even more.

For women of all shapes and sizes

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Maison Lejaby has basically three collections: Lingerie, Swimwear and Elixir Large Sizes for fuller figured women. This French fashion house creates pieces that flatter a woman’s figure and form.  One of the most iconic collections from Maison Lejaby would be its “Liberty” top, a lace bralette made from elasticized and stretchy fabric that hugs a woman’s natural curves without being constricting. This Liberty top is now known as Miss Lejaby that is suitable for women of every age, form and figure. Its the brand’s way of saying that every woman, of any age, shape and size deserves a beautiful, light, and regal looking bra that gives the perfect support—an undergarment where she can feel most relaxed and beautiful in.

Indeed, every Maison Lejaby undergarment is very comfortable, modest and ageless. These are lingerie that you can just wear every single day and of course on the most special occasions as well. Every piece enhances every woman’s curve making you look even more gorgeous on whatever dress or clothes you feel like wearing. Maison Lejaby as a brand knows that every woman is unique, free-spirited, sensual and elegant where a woman can just be herself.

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