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Lise Charmel LogoAdmit it or not, each of your intimate wear has quite a personal meaning and purpose for you, be it emotional or sartorial. It’s because lingerie isn’t only there to cover you up—it’s supposed to have a meaning beyond that.

Whether you’re after the lightness of sheer fabric, the alluring quality of laces, or the magic of incognito underwear when you’re wearing skin-tight dresses, we can all agree that French lingerie is where your gaze should be pointed towards. And for French embroidery buffs, Lise Charmel is one to always take the top spot.

What we love about the brand

Lise Charmel

The love of fresh and innovative textiles married with the charm of French embroidery has been done so spotlessly by the brand. Sophistication and elegance are injected to their designs, too, both true marks of high lingerie that Lise Charmel is much proud of.

Other luxury indicators found in most of the label’s pieces are their signature scalloped edges, Swarovski crystals and slim velvet straps. The way the embroidery is placed in each piece takes a lot of visual consideration as well, starting from the creation of sketches, to making samples, reconsidering design, and the final production.

But it isn’t only the look that creates a wave of interest in the brand’s pieces; the quality of its materials are excessively addicting, too. Well, who can blame us? We pay for the comfort—the feel of the lingerie into our skin—so we don’t have to feel uneasy wearing such lovely intimates. Good thing all these are given much weight in every Lise Charmel design, practically allowing you to fully enjoy the experience of wearing luxury lingerie. With Lise Charmel, you truly get what you pay for… and more.

Team of winners and brand of passion

Lise Charmel Lingerie

From its creation in the 1950s, Lise Charmel’s journey to fame happened because of the wonderful people and the great minds behind the grooming of the brand, all the way to its success in the contemporary haute lingerie. The  most significant among them is Jacques Daumal, a designer who acquired  the brand in 1975. After Daumal took over the company, it was set to an international stage and has become one of the pillars of French lingerie, eversince.

The internationalization was done through the thorough revitalization of the brand’s designs, considering the trends at the time. Such technique became a continued endeavor for the brand, as they jump into every opportunity to innovate, while keeping their passion for lingerie alive through topnotch designs and spot-on details.

Commitment to provide what women need

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Known for their core pieces of high lingerie and corsets, Lise Charmel always make sure that in all of their creation, the woman’s silhouette is highlighted and lifted.

But like any other brand, satisfaction of clientele cannot be easily achieved with a limited options, right?

This is exactly why the Lise Charmel group ensures that every woman all over the world can be properly accommodated by the wide-ranging options; hence the brands underneath its management: Epure, Eprise, Antigel, Antinea, and of course, Lise Charmel.

Epure feeds the minimalists with luxury pieces that are definitely captivating even without the embellishments and adornment most lingerie have. Eprise, on the other hand, caters to full-bodied women, offering a broader spectrum of cup sizes for every woman. Antigel targets a younger market, hence, its designs projecting more youthful vibe and fresher looks. Antinea takes care of those with penchant for vintage pieces, as it offer designs that are more classical and timeless. Lastly, Lise Charmel collections provide the essence of the brand’s overall advocacy for women’s intimate wear, the essence of its highest-quality pieces, perfectly designed embroidery, and topnotch fabrics—to give women what they need in a lingerie.

Today, Lise Charmel can be found in over 40 countries, with its sphere of influence getting larger with its online presence. It has further expanded into designing and producing swimwear for women, taking on its journey beyond laces and embroidery. But with the spirit of the brand and its team, future expansion would be a definite possibility. Because despite it being more than half a century old, Lise Charmel is still a growing brand, but with the advantage of real French lingerie experience and authentic interest in the intimate wear industry.

It is no surprise that Lise Charmel’s influence has gone global throughout the years of its existence. By carrying the values of dedications and commitment to passion, the team behind the brand is able to continually make it a cradle of beautiful and extremely comfortable intimate wear, a place where women can truly find her perfect lingerie piece.

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