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Laurence Tavernier LogoHave you ever noticed a French woman walking down the streets dressed so effortlessly and looks like ready to take in the whole world with confidence? There’s something in her that seems to be magnetic that you cannot help but stare and think about how great she carries herself effortlessly in just a basic white tee and a pair of jeans. The way she glides, walks and talks would make you wanna be that girl, too. And we cannot blame you, a woman with confidence and grace is definitely unbeatable. She draws attention and radiates femininity.

But how can a French girl be so effortlessly confident?

The secret to true French beauty and confidence

Well, French women take a serious picking when it comes to lingerie. For them, what’s  underneath matters. If they wear something beautiful underneath her clothing, it will make her feel empowered which translates to confidence and mystique.

That’s is why, every corner in France, we will see boutiques and shops with well-constructed bras and panties in different colors, details, and materials, too. French women value these type of garments and consider them as staples. A lot of lingerie brands will pop out of the French market to sell their unique and seductive pieces.  And if we are to trace a well-established lingerie Parisian brand today, Laurence Tavernier will definitely ring a bell.

Feel at home with Laurence Tavernier

Photo: @laurence.tavernier.officiel

Laurence Tavernier was established in 1987 to create indoor and night garments for both men and women. The brand desires to provide luxe, sophistication, comfort and relaxation to every folks out there even if they are at home. The materials used in every piece incorporate softness, refinement, subtle colors and delicate texture – all these characterize perfect homewear for everyone.

The brand is driven to provide its clients with the most comfortable and the most elegant homewear that they can dress up and down where they can use outdoor and still manage to look like well-designed casual pieces.

Aside from that, Laurence Tavernier is well-known for making lounge, beach and nightwear – all in wonderful designs and relaxed vibe. Its years of creating comfy pieces extended to creating pyjamas, bed slippers, tunics, and ponchos. They come in soft palette, smooth materials and creative patterns, too.

Poncho – the Laurence Tavernier style

Laurence Tavernier Poncho

However, Laurence Tavernier iconic garment is the Poncho. If you look at its website, Ponchos in different sizes, palette, fringes, and texture will be readily available for you to choose from. The fabric used in these ponchos combined luxe and subtleties that you might want to grab one, and stay home for long and feel the vibe of this poncho.

At present, even if the brand has extended from nightwear up to beach wear, it still has the direction to incorporate chic, modern, and Parisian style to its every garment. You would not be in any doubt that Laurence Tavernier will give you the best homewear in modern take and refined spirit you could ever imagined. The brand is committed to provide you comfort and style whether you’re simply at home or enjoying the beach. You can definitely slip in to this garment, and feel soft and feminine all at the same time.

So, unleash that Parisian vibe in you and  feel more confident and elegant while wearing a Laurence Tavernier. You can choose from its collection of lingerie, night wear or simple pyjamas – and yes, have that Parisian luxe and style even at the comfort of your home.

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