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L’Homme Prada by Prada Review

L'Homme by Prada Review 1
L’Homme Prada by Prada Review
L’Homme Prada is a fragrance we wouldn’t mind catching a whiff of on other people. It is elegant, easy to wear, and inoffensive even when it is loud in the beginning. Thankfully, the sharpness subsides soon enough. The fragrance’s only fault perhaps is its being generic—it is not distinct even when it is better than many other masculine scents, and thus forgettable. Sillage and performance are both above average.
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Easy to wear in most occasions
Sophisticated even when it smells common for house fragrances
Above average sillage and performance
The scent can be loud and sharp to us in the beginning
Feels like a generic mix of musk and woods

L’Homme Prada was launched in conjunction with La Femme Prada in 2016. Both were created by Daniela Andrier, but the former has a masculine bent. It makes use of iris and amber, both mainstays in Prada fragrances, but also neroli, patchouli and geranium. The eau de toilette is made available in 50 and 100 ml flacons.

L'Homme by Prada Review 2

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