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Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation Review


Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation Review
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In our honest opinion, the Moisture Supreme Foundation from Laura Mercier is pretty much a bust. Despite the creaminess of its formula and the gorgeous dewy/luminous finish it allows you to sport, its issues are far too noticeable for this foundation to be any fun to put on and wear. The actual formula is much too runny, and only gives you the teensiest bit of coverage. And even worse, it settles into the fine lines of your face which, to us at least (and I don’t think we’re in the minority here), is a huge no-no. Our recommendation? Maybe try a different foundation.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Creamy formula
Luminous finish
Very light coverage
Settles into fine lines and creases

The Moisture Supreme Foundation was, in the past, one of the signature products of the Laura Mercier brand, but has been overshadowed by their later swings at foundation. While the formula has its strengths, it ultimately just turns out to be an okay foundation that dances around the brink of mediocrity.

The formula is just creamy enough to be easy to apply and sheer out (not that the product needs to sheer out any more, but we’ll get to that). As a foundation geared towards moisture, creaminess is important for this product to feel comfortable in application. The finish also imparts a lovely luminous to the skin that gives just the right amount of moisture.

On the other hand, besides being particularly pricey, the product itself is very runny, having an almost water-like consistency that takes a long time to dry up. Even shaking the product in the bottle doesn’t do anything to help with this, so it’s liable to create a mess every time it’s used. The coverage is also a bit too light for most people to really get into—lighter even than some BB and CC cream formulas we’ve encountered in the past. Finally, the product does tend to settle into fine lines and creases, making for a look that’s not as refined as the price tag would imply.

In general, this product, in our opinion, is just not all that reliable, and truly only works in favor of very specific types of skin.

SUITABLE FOR: Dry skin that doesn’t require so much coverage.

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