Latest Drop: Fenty Beauty’s Brown Lipstick Brings Back the 90s

Latest Drop - Fenty Beauty's Brown Lipstick Brings Back the 90s - Featured Image

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When can we ever get tired of bringing back the trend that we loved in the 90s?

Well, if you’re asking us… how about, NEVER?

The decade of jeans, thin brows, and grunge fashion isn’t one that’s easy to forget. If we can relive the ’90s every single day of our lives, we would. But even if we can’t actually go back to the glorious years of Hit Me Baby One More Time, we’re grateful for brands that lets us reminisce our favorite trends back then. Case in point, Fenty Beauty’s latest drop: the brown lipstick everyone on Instagram has been praising.

Another ‘90s Throwback

People have been praising Queen Riri for finally releasing a nude lip shade that would look great on any skin tone. Partly, though, people are excited for the ‘90s vibe that the brown lipstick gives, a lip shade that was a staple in any makeup bag back in that decade. From Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, to Jada Pinkett Smith, you know that brown lip look was all the hype back then.

Fenty Beauty's Brown Lipstick Brings Back the 90s

Many times the trend has tried to come back to the beauty world, yet somehow, this time it seems like it’s here to stay. After all, it’s Rihanna we’re talking about—if she can pull of the most meme-d yellow gown to the MET Gala, she sure can resurrect a trend and let it flourish for the years to come.

Stunna Lip Paint

Now, now, enough about other stuff. Let’s talk about the latest Fenty Beauty drop.

Stunna Lip Paint

After just recently releasing Fenty Beauty’s First Anniversary collection, the Diamond Collection, Riri surprised the world by releasing three new shades of the Stunna Lip Collection. Two of the recently released shades on Fenty Beauty’s official Instagram account were called ‘Uncuffed’ and ‘Uncensored’. ‘Uncuffed’ has a very natural rosy mauve color that gives you that ‘just-kissed’ look, while ‘Uncensored’ is that perfect red that leaves an alluring look.

But aside from these two, the main focus of the world’s meltdown is the last of the three shades: the ‘Unveil’. The gorgeous rich brown color of this lip paint has all beauty junkies viciously ordering the shade in their computers to get that 90s look.

Stunna Unveil

What added to the craze was that Riri herself debuted the shade during her Savage X Fenty show at the NYFW, which made people instantly fall in love with it.

Fenty Beauty's Brown Lipstick Brings Back the 90s 3

A Rundown of Some of the Best Brown Lipsticks

With all the hype, the drama and the success of the Stunna Lip Paint in ‘Unveil’, not to mention that it’s sold out on most stores, we can’t help but look at other options for the lip shade. While letting your name brew on the waiting list, why not get these lippies for now?

MAC Antique Velvet – US$24.46

MAC Antique Velvet

Kylie Cosmetics True Brown – US$29.00

Kylie Cosmetics True Brown

Tom Ford Lip Color in Magnetic Attraction – US$55.00

Tom Ford Lip Color in Magnetic Attraction

Too Faced Chocolate Honey – US$21.00

Too Faced Chocolate Honey

OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Brooklyn – US$20.00

OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Brooklyn

The new shades of the Stunna Lip Paint are all available at Fenty Beauty’s website, as well as in Sephora. (We’re not sure if they have restocked, but at the least you can add your name to the waiting list.” Each piece costs $24.

Can’t get enough of Fenty Beauty? We’ve heard it’s releasing its first ever highlight palette soon. Wait for our scoop on that later!

Image credits: The Loop, Fenty Beauty, Getty Images, Aim in the Game, Temptalia, Makeup and Beauty, Glam Raider.

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