K-Beauty 101: Top Korean Luxury Skincare Products You Should Have


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The recent years have proven to be the golden age of Korean Skincare, with all the Korean brands and products spreading like wildfire to all corners of the world. There aren’t a lot of skincare junkies that don’t use or know a K-beauty product—they are practically everywhere! From online stores to American physical shops, you’ll find numerous Korean skincare products and if you’re not K-beauty savvy, you’ll surely get confused on where to start.


Don’t worry! We’re here to give our K-beauty 101 for those who are starting on their Korean skincare journey. We have made an intensive list of the Top Korean luxury skincare products that were proven to be highly-effective. Check ‘em out.

Sulwhasoo Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum ($150)


Price: US$150.00
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Sulwhasoo’s Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum has been around for quite a long time now, a testament to its quality as an effective product. Packed with Ginseng extracts, this serum makes your face resilient to any external stresses, while making it firm and dense. This is a favorite among die-hard K-beauty fans.

AMOREPACIFIC Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence ($95)


Price: US$95.00
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To freshen and brighten the eye area, AMOREPACIFIC used the effective combination of water hyacinth extract and fermented green tea. As you use it daily as an eye area moisturizer, you’re given a firm and bright skin that would refresh your overall appearance.

Banila & Co Clean It Zero Cleanser ($26)


Price: US$26.00
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Balms aren’t usually the go-to products for makeup removal, but that concept would surely change for you once you tries the Banila & Co Clean It Zero Cleanser. This makeup remover doesn’t only melt down your makeup, but also takes care of the dirt and oil stuck in your pores, ensuring an honest to goodness cleansing of your face.

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk ($16)


Price: US$16.00
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You can get around the daily harm that UV rays can bring to your skin by using Missha’s All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk. It lives up to its “milk” name, especially with its lightweight and non-greasy formulation filled with protective ingredients to keep your skin safe from sunspots, blackheads, and premature aging.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream ($240.00)


Price: US$240.00
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Another Sulwhasoo breakthrough product is its Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, which uses the luxury brand’s bioconversion technology to turn the ginseng essence into its best form. The result? A highly-effective anti-aging and ultra-hydrating formula for the skin. Its price is definitely worth it.

Erborian Pate au Ginseng Black Concentrated Mask ($63)


Price: US$63.00
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“Black Gold” is what others call Erborian’s Pate au Ginseng Black Concentrated Mask. Using the highly valued Korean ginseng, this one brings in both anti-aging and brightening effects to the skin. Aside from that, it will leave your skin plump and radiant, even during unfavorable weather conditions.

LJH Teatree 90 Essence ($23)


Price: US$22.94
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LJH offers the Tea Tree 90 Essence to target acne-prone skin to combat acne and even reduce the blemishes. The active ingredients on this product include centella asiatica and tea-tree extract that work together to lessen redness and acnes on your face.

Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing ($38)


Price: US$38.00
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Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing is the answer for ultra-sensitive skin that easily breaks out. It cleanses intensively without the use of any oil—even your waterproof makeup will surely be removed. It uses the powerful mix of papaya and portulaca extracts, plus aloe-vera juice, to effectively clean the skin and keep it moisturized and non-irritant.

belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ($38.49)


Price: US$38.00
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If you’re looking for a moisturizing product that will truly pump hydration into your skin, then belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb would be perfect for you. This kind of “bomb” is in a gel-cream form, which easily sinks into the skin to bring in antioxidants and reduce the appearance of pores while improving the elasticity of the skin.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence ($22)


Price: US$22.00
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A favorite among younger generations of K-beauty addicts, the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence from Missha is the perfect product to use after cleansing and toning. The helpful ingredients added to this product have been fermented to get their best effect, which are, hydration, brightening and smoothening of the skin.

EASYDEW EX-Repair Control EGF ($109)


Price: US$109.00
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Ending our K-beauty list is EASYDEW’s EX-Repair Control EGF, a product that’s filled with EGF, a cell regeneration-promoting protein. It takes care of skin pigmentation, fine lines, and even acne scars. Other useful ingredients added to this product are sodium hyaluronate for inflammation, caffeine to energize the skin, and ceramides for moisture.


We hope we’ve given a proper orientation for K-beauty first timers and clarifying information for those who have tried Korean skincare products before. This list is your ultimate guide to get the best out of what the Korean skincare trend can offer you. And we assure you—with these products, you can never go wrong.

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