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Verragio is a prominent name in the jewelry industry for their decorative engagement and wedding rings. Outside of the industry, it’s still a household name especially among couples as it provides what would be the most important pieces that will symbolize their love. Pinterest shows it best: one of Verragio’s rings from their Venetian collection is the most pinned engagement ring among the numerous options in the on the site. This organic attention towards one of their rings is telling of the brand’s ability to create something of undeniable beauty.

Before or after the actual proposal, however it happens nowadays, picking an engagement ring and then wedding bands are the most crucial decisions for anyone. Verragio knows this to be true, and that’s why it carries the same passion about making their products as you would about picking the right one for your love.

Years in the making

Barry Verragio

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For Barry Verragio, the founder, it wasn’t until he has built a career spanning 25 years of designing for other established and well-known jewelry brands that the next step made itself clear: creating a brand of his own. The making of Verragio came at the right time for him to pour out years of work and experience, and even more years of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York before that. What Barry has learned throughout is there’s no limit when it comes to designing engagement rings, and that’s what he’s brought into the table when he built Verragio.

Design philosophy

Verragio Ring

The brand’s slogan, “Unlike Any Other Ring,” almost always follows its name. It holds a literal meaning pertaining to each and every piece in their collections. The brand goes by Albert Einstein’s widely-known thoughts about insanity as anticipating different results from the same mound and kind of effort. Hence, the luxury label aims to always undergo a unique process for each ring, to achieve a ring like no other each time.

In the beginning, the brand relied on their exclusive and unique setting technique to provide something new in the market. Now, their pieces are recognizable for their intricate decoration: side details, curves, French beading, and bents.

The brand’s universal design philosophy is to highlight the central diamond, so even when they employ a lot of little details around it, everything must be functioning as a complement, in order to not take away from the beauty of the centerpiece. This is achieved by frequently using the crown look and the bezel head that enables the light to reach all sides of the diamond and let it reflect to increase the brightness of the stone.

Unlimited options via customization

Verragio Ring 2

Verragio’s design process begins with thousands of hand-drawn sketches. Between that and the final product is a thorough selection and manufacturing process that gives the rings their special quality, even before couples integrate new meaning into them. However, no Verragio ring is final until the customer says so. For every collection, the brand offers some customization options that allow the customer to make their ring truly unique to their own.

The brand has four main collections: Parisian, Couture, Venetian, and Insignia. Insignia is the original collection inspired by the brand’s crown logo, which is where the scrolls detail underneath the feature diamond comes from. The crown bezel is also used in the Couture collection, but more subdued because of its classic theme.

If you want to go further into the vintage vibe of the crown design, the Venetian collection acts as the flagship collection because of its full-scale lace profiles and French beading. While the other collections customization only for the obvious parts like the head, beading, riviera, and shank, the Venetian rings are the only ones to have the opportunity to add something to the bottom of the ring. If those still won’t do, the Parisian collection enables the most number of customization as it includes the scroll work to be altered to your preference.

To complete the full-customization offers, the brand normalizes the possibility of having multi-tone metals on your rings, with the choices being white, yellow, or rose gold.

Fit-right solution

Verragio Ring 3

These customization options are not the best thing the brand offers for customers. It gives other brands a challenge too, as it developed the Fit-Right Solution that resizes your Verragio ring without the traditional cutting or reshaping methods that usually take away the beauty of the original. A removable addition to the internal part of the ring makes it fit better and slip on and off easily even through an enlarged knuckle. It’s one thing to have a perfect ring that will fit on the wedding day but it’s a bonus when it can be refitted as needed.

The brand may boast of unique rings that really make women feel like a queen, but that’s largely owed to the brand’s mission to “never settle for average.” That goes for the customers too, because for something that you’ll have to keep for the rest of your life and that may even be passed on after you, it has to be of the most timeless appeal from a brand that’s as passionate about being part of their customers’ most special memories.

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