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Sophie Bille Brahe may have established her own atelier just a few years ago, but her love affair with metals is almost as long as her existence. Her desire for beauty, rooted in childhood, has led her to create pieces that she wanted to wear herself, which only became more complex as the years went by. For inspiration, she did not have to look any further than the night sky, which has also taken the attention of a distinguished ancestor. The materials for her creations are sourced from the earth, but the possibilities in crafting something from them are endless that the final product can almost rival the stars in their sparkle and charm.

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Palme de Perle 14-karat gold pearl bracelet
Palme de Perle 14-karat gold pearl bracelet


Elipse 14-karat gold pearl earring
Elipse 14-karat gold pearl earring


Petite Elipse Nouveau 14-karat gold pearl earring
Petite Elipse Nouveau 14-karat gold pearl earring


Babylon 14-karat gold pearl earring
Babylon 14-karat gold pearl earring


Mia 14-karat gold pearl bracelet
Mia 14-karat gold pearl bracelet


Petite Boucle 18-karat gold diamond earring
Petite Boucle 18-karat gold diamond earring


Grand Amour 18-karat gold diamond ring
Grand Amour 18-karat gold diamond ring


Marguerite 18-karat gold diamond necklace
Marguerite 18-karat gold diamond necklace


Athene D'or 18-karat gold diamond earring
Athene D’or 18-karat gold diamond earring


A girl in touch with beauty

Sophie Bille Brahe
Sophie Bille Brahe – Jewelry designer. Photo: intothegloss

As a young girl, Sophie Bille Brahe was always attuned to nature. Her parents embedded and nurtured in her an interest in her surroundings, taking her on little routines such as evening strolls with her father and bidding their collection of flowers and other plants on their backyard a good night before going to bed. But few things have engrossed her as much as the stars and the sky. Whether the interest grew on her own or was honed through repeated stories of Tycho Brahe, her ancestor whose achievements in astronomy have etched the family name forever in history, is to be known. But what is sure is that this exposure to nature’s beauty at a tender age has been a great influence over her creations as an adult.

Brahe’s fascination with beautiful accessories also began when she was a child. Early on she had an inkling as to what jewelry signify and why people hold onto them for long. Her family kept trinkets and other accessories that have been acquired for many years, some of which were passed down from one generation to the next. These were stored inside a drawer, which she and her brother were allowed to check out every Sundays. Soon enough, she was entrusted with a diamond ring, a precious hand-me-down she found inside that same drawer.

Turning interest into passion

Sophie Bille Brahe 2
Photo: prestigeonline

The early exposure to compact, beautiful things inspired her to make accessories on her own as a youngster. A few years more, she decided that she needed to hone the talent further by formal education. She thought that the traditional training a goldsmith receives would be important in making her own designs, so even if she had to go through an occasionally gruesome period where she had to endure bloody fingers, her ambition made her power through. Brahe believes that doing so was an amazing decision, as she found her voice and believed that she can do the things she set out to do.

And true enough, it was during her time as a student when her works started gaining attention. Soon, in Copenhagen, she met Julie Gilhart, a fashion consultant and veteran who saw her potential and told her that she had an obligation to do something bigger with the talent that she has. The idea was already considered but the fateful meeting had cemented it. Following Gilhart’s advice, she hired and kept a small team she trusted so that the work can begin.

Let yourself into the beauty that Brahe sees

Sophie Bille Brahe Jewelry

Even though it was only a few years ago since Brahe started her own company, it has already created pieces that have achieved cult status and will define Sophie Bille Brahe for future clientele.

For the label’s first collection of jewelry, Brahe took inspiration from both her family’s history with astronomy and her own fascination with the sky. The pearls and diamonds in the pieces she made were used to represent the stars. Take for instance the brand’s take on the diamond earring, as well as its first signature piece, the Croissant de Lune. It is a single, soldered piece intended to adore just one ear and follow the shape of an earlobe. Such was the love it received that few jewelers have tried to copy it, but the effort Brahe has put, as well as her penchant for the poetic, have rendered it inimitable.

More first few works of the label were dubbed as ‘classics with a twist’, like the 2.91-carat diamond tennis bracelet that was based on their first classic, the Croissant de Lune earrings that has marked its 10th year since its conception in 2017, but with a more contemporary take. The bracelet is a charming accessory that makes you want to follow the rows of diamonds that circle the wrist, finding the meeting point where the largest of them ends and where the smallest of the diamonds begin.

Much of the label’s work is also personally significant, taking for instance the SBB Croissant de Ensemble ring that shows Brahe’s personal style, which is simple yet elegant. You would not guess how thorough the process the ring had to go through because it does not show too much bling. But Brahe says that making it was complicated. The small size they had to work with and the desired sharpness was a challenge to achieve, even with the use of modern industrial machines.

Stars among the stars

Brahe designs her jewelry based on her personal taste, but this preference has appealed to many celebrities that her name has soon been associated with fun yet elegant designs, at least in the entertainment industry. Celebrities in the likes of Uma Thurman, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Madonna and Zoe Kravitz have all been spotted with the label’s pieces.

But the beautiful jewelries  from Sophie Bille Brahe aren’t available for prominent names only. Thankfully, the collection is now accessible to markets outside Denmark, as Sophie Bille Brahe creations are sold through luxury and high-end retailers such as Barneys, Dover Street Market as well as The Webster. Online, Net-a-Porter keeps a catalog of Brahe’s jewelry, too.

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