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Can you remember that feeling you had when you first watched a magic trick that was perfectly executed right in front of you? Or that awe in your face when you first saw an optical illusion, mixed with a bit of confusion? In whatever kind of art, evoking such emotions would need quite the element of mystery hidden in a complex method or structure. But the question is, is it possible to contain that magic and mystery in a jewelry?

For the Spanish jewelry brand, Sansoeurs, the answer is a resounding yes. This young brand has challenged the norm in the jewelry industry by breaking away from conventional methods since its creation in 2010.

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SANSOEURS Mini Circle 18-karat gold diamond earring
Mini Circle 18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS 18-karat gold diamond earring
18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS Big Spark 18-karat gold diamond earring
Big Spark 18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS G 18-karat gold diamond earring
G 18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS Radius 18-karat gold earring
Radius 18-karat gold earring


SANSOEURS Sword 18-karat gold diamond earring
Sword 18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS 18-karat rose gold diamond earring
18-karat rose gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS Arch 18-karat gold earring
Arch 18-karat gold earring


SANSOEURS G Helix 18-karat gold diamond earring
G Helix 18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS H 18-karat gold diamond earring
H 18-karat gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS 18-karat small gold diamond earring
18-karat small gold diamond earring


SANSOEURS Parrellel 18-karat gold diamond earring
Parrellel 18-karat gold diamond earring


A dream duo

Jewelry Designer - Cristina Sánchez
Jewelry Designer – Cristina Sánchez

Sansoeurs was birthed from two talented women, who happened to be sisters. Cristina and Estefanía Sánchez Rodríguez are far from being two peas in a pod, yet what glues them together, aside from their bloodline, is their deep appreciation for art.

Cristina, younger by seven years from Estefania, works full-time for the company. Estefania, on the other hand, is completely pursuing an international finance career while remaining as a shareholder of Sansoeurs. Aside from that, she plays a key role in the creative process as well, going as far as being Cristina’s travel buddy to get inspiration from different destinations.

The tandem of a business-centered mind and a creative hand proved to be a solid combination, as the two sisters tend to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This advantage, added with the complete trust in each other, makes the sisters a dream duo that’s capable enough to manage and grow a company that makes huge ripples of impact in the jewelry industry.

Beautiful illusions

Sansoeurs Jewelry

Sansoeurs sees itself as a brand that translates emotions into jewelry—not just some ordinary pieces, but ones that exude versatility and timelessness. But how is the brand able to continuously do that?

It’s simple—they explore further that what has already been revealed about the human body. By doing so, the brand is able to introduce new ways to accentuate the different parts of the body. Innovative silhouettes and methods are used by the brand for all of their pieces, making each one freshly unique and remarkable. This quality sets apart the brand from many others, no wonder they are on the spotlight of fame these days.

You’ll see a lot of structural pieces cast from 18k gold, featuring delicate twists and curves that form into an illusion. The brand tricks the eyes, making their pieces seem like jewelry for multiple piercings, when in fact, only one piercing is needed. It’s like magic, an optical illusion that makes one think, yet beyond that, each piece is utterly gorgeous and classy without trying hard.

Simple but ingenious pieces

Sansoeurs Jewellery

Cristina has previously been called “the jewelry magician” because of her beautiful designs with a hint of magic. It’s amazing too that she does it with seemingly simple designs, the kind that you would thought were straightforward pieces, but will surprise you with the mystery they carry. The designer even has to always explain how the creations are worn.

The G Helix earring, for example, was a big hit to consumers because it hugs the ear in a seemingly endless loop. It wasn’t that easy to create though—Cristina reached up to 10 prototypes to ensure that the final piece is the perfect one. The Radius pedicle, on the other hand, is a two-way ring that depends on what earpiece would it be worn.

The brand is also an advocate of revolutionizing the concept of engagement rings, from the usual diamond ring in a gold band, into a split ring that can be worn in many different styles. The diamonds are then properly scattered, making more impact even as the wearer switch into a new way of wearing the ring.

Lastly, the beautiful moon earring exudes a beauty which has a rich and deeper meaning. It is a powerful symbol that when used in jewelry, oozes of the spirit of motherhood, womanhood, and even mother nature. All these things add up together to create the essence of the pieces, thus making it extraordinary gorgeous to be worn.

The play on a magic-effect and optical illusions definitely elevated Sansoeurs to heights its founders have never imagined. Just nearing their 10th anniversary as a brand, Sansoeurs already has gone leaps and bounds in the design, marketing, and packaging of their products. Yes despite the craze in their pieces, the brand remains ultra-focused on the quality of their pieces, knowing that even with the best design plan, a poor execution can ruin the magic in their jewelry.

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