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Passion often starts during younger years; and childhood dreams are often influenced by our surroundings. And within families, these dreams, hobbies or goals are sometimes passed down to the next generation, especially during the honing and molding years of the younger ones. Such is the case for Penny Preville, whose namesake founder was inspired by her own grandmother’s jewelry collection and the stories behind them. For her brand, it isn’t a surprise that it is now run by her family—her husband and kids all hands on deck in providing glamorous jewelry pieces to the world.

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From a fascinated child to a brand owner

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Penny Preville started her fascination of jewelries at a very young age, when her grandmother would show the sparkly and highly-ornated jewelry box filled with jewelry pieces. She was often left in awe of the beauty of the pieces, that she tried creating her own jewelry from whatever material she can get her hands on, which later turned to stones and metals.

Penny continued her hobby to design for her friends and family, until she got her degree in art. She was able to sold her first jewelry in Fire Island and started her eponymous brand and company with her husband in 1975. Her designs started to become popular right after having her debut collection sold out at Bloomingdale’s and later on bagged the “New Designer of the Year Award”.

From just learning how to create pieces, Penny started to learn how to handle the brand and the business. Her entire family now takes care of many aspects of the brand, with her husband taking care of production and overseeing the business, while her two sons are also taking part in advertising. Through such teamwork, the brand was able to meet the demands of its clientele, even expanding the price range to accommodate a wider spectrum of budget.

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What sets Penny Preville apart from your usual jewelry brand is that it gets inspiration from history—which means a lot of research about historical periods are done to fire up some ideas for each accessory. But while old fabrics, books, architecture, and antiques influence the way the brand designs its pieces, every single jewelry comes out with a very refreshing look, plus the perfect blend of romantic and feminine vibe.

The brand’s goal is to bring the best look out of every woman, by accentuating their beauty with jewelry pieces. And what makes Penny Preville successful in achieving such goal? They design pieces can be easily worn on day to day basis, jewelry that are versatile enough to allow the wearer to use it for a whole range of style looks, from casual to formal, from office to party, and from morning to night.


Part of the success of Penny Preville is the hype it got in the celebrity circles, more often than not, showcased by celebrities and printed in magazines. This is partly the result of the marketing strategy wherein they allow celebrities to borrow their pieces and magazines styling celebrities and models with the label’s items. Famous red carpet events where Penny Preville’s jewelry adorned A-list celebrities include the Oscars and the Golden Globes. Likewise, well-known people have been spotted wearing the brand, some of them even real fans of the label. Some of them are Oprah, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria.

Likewise, credible and well-loved magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Town & Country, and W have featured the label and its pieces. To top it all off, the brand’s pieces have also been shown to national TV, with the Today Show featuring them for a wedding-themed segment.

The passion and love for the craft of jewelry making is alive and apparent in the way Penny Preville designs and creates its alluring and charming pieces. It continues to keep that feeling of excitement every time it comes up with a new collection or a piece, something that cannot be easily sustained in the industry of jewelry-making. The label is directly influenced by the founder and creator’s own drive to bring her label upwards, powered by her own love for jewelry, that sparkle, shine and beautify any woman.

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